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Self-Improvement – The True Essence of Bodybuilding

True Essence of Bodybuilding

Many people aspire to become bodybuilders – the ones that they see on television or on the covers of magazines. However, not all of them are able to accomplish this goal. There are various reasons why they are unable to do. The most prominent ones are lack of will, sheer laziness, and not knowing the true essence of bodybuilding.

To put it simply, the real essence of bodybuilding is self-improvement. For a person to become a bodybuilder in the truest sense, they need to recognize that bodybuilding is not something that they become, it is what they do. These two phrases may not sound very different but in reality, there is a vast difference between them. If you are intending to ‘becoming’ a bodybuilder, you are setting a limited goal for yourself. On the other hand, when you are doing bodybuilding, you are working on your self-improvement, which has no bounds.

Bodybuilding, in generic terms, can be referred to as a quest for self-improvement through a range of physical activities that have the ability to improve the function and development of the body. Bill Pearl aptly titles his book on bodybuilding “Keys to the Inner Universe”. No one can sum up bodybuilding better than this.

Some people are of the view that they cannot become a successful bodybuilder until they do not puke from sets while training their legs. As gross this may sound, puking from sets has become a sort of benchmark or rather a badge of honor of putting in the effort in bodybuilding. It is considered as an achievement by people; something they can proudly show off. Due to this very fact, there is a section of people who stay away from this wonderful world of bodybuilding.

Real bodybuilding is not puking by doing sets or displaying a lot of muscles; it can be termed as the journey of self. It is a way an individual can express him/her while enhancing their health, confidence and most importantly, self-esteem. Another factor not many people heed is that real bodybuilding not only improves one’s physical condition and health, but it also improves every aspect of our life. Bodybuilding helps to synch the connection of mind, soul, and body.

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Now coming to an important, what are the factors that help a bodybuilder apart from their confidence? The answer lies in hard work. If you want to become a bodybuilder, make sure you are mentally prepared for it. It is not a feat that can be attained in a few days. Remember the fact that it is going to be a long, long journey. You can set short-term goals for yourself but the ultimate target, of becoming a bodybuilder, require a lot of effort, time, energy, and dedication.

Apart from working out hard in the gym, steroids and supplements can also help in attaining the goal. However, you don’t have to depend solely on them. These products can prove to be quite effective only when the person aiming to become a bodybuilder is killing it in the gym. Without regular exercise, steroids are very harmful to health. Another thing that makes them harmful is their overconsumption. Thus, never make this mistake of consuming more steroids than the prescribed dosage. The results can prove to be life-threatening.

Talking about steroids, make sure you are getting real ones from a reputed brand such as GEN-SHI Laboratories or Para Pharma. There are numerous companies that claim to sell real steroids but not all of them are reliable. Therefore, it is recommended to get them only from TeamRoids, an EU-based company. You can find real steroids and other such products (fat burners, weight loss pills, sexual health products) at extremely cheap rates.

To sum it up, real bodybuilding can prove to be a vital tool for self-discovery and self-improvement. Surely, it does require a lot of effort and grinds but the result is surely worth all you have suffered. However, always remember the fact that there is always room for improvement. You aren’t a real bodybuilder if you feel you have reached the maximum level.


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