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Shop White Mountain Knives for the Best in Stock from Cold Steel Knife Company

Mountain Knives

Think about the most universally useful tool you own and use on a daily basis. What tool can faithfully perform the duties of most other tools and deliver serviceable results in nearly every case? If you are an outdoorsman, a craftsman or otherwise someone that has worked with your hands, it is likely you thought of a knife. It doesn’t matter what the style of blade is or the composition of the steel in your EDC blade, but you sure can fix almost every problem with a Cold Steel Knife.

Now though the universally applicable utility of a knife is not in question, there are a few knife manufacturers that are in a league of their own, and one of them is Cold Steel Knife Company. Many of the most indestructible models of knives available to consumers come from Cold Steel, along with training materials that are popular amongst martial arts practitioners, self-defense instructors, and law enforcement. Many of their blades and tools serve multiple niches, from general utility to tactics and self-defense.

Take for example the Cold Steel Bushman. This knife is loaded with so many useful features it is nearly difficult to categorize. Formed of a single piece of SK-5 high carbon steel, this knife features a swept edge and a hollow handle. That hollow handle not only lowers weight, but it makes this more than a knife and gives it the capability to be mounted on a staff as a polearm or a spear. Its low reflectivity makes it an excellent hunting companion, and the inclusion of a ferrocerium rod with the purchase makes this a bushcrafter’s dream. From sidearm to spear to firestarter, there’s nothing Cold Steel Knife Company didn’t consider in its design.

Models like the Cold Steel Voyager X offer exceptional versatility as well. A folding blade that can be easily stowed in a pocket is coupled with the absurd strength of a tanto point, giving this blade the ability to be used for cutting and thrusting applications. Adding a sturdy lock back to the mix doesn’t hurt either, giving the knife a bit more strength than could be expected from other locks.

Another popular model is the Code 4, which has just about the perfect balance of features to make it useful in any situation demanding a knife. With a strong lock back, this is a drop point of clear strength that can be put to tasks to which other similar fixed blades would be suited. A 3 and a half-inch blade is neither too long or beefy for fine tasks, nor too slender for carving, chiseling, and even batoning should the event call for such measures. Aluminum scales give this knife near indestructibility, and the belt clip allows for deep reverse carry in a pocket.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a product from Cold Steel Knife Company to use in the fields as a hunting companion or carry in a pocket to make everyday chores easier, you’ll find what you’re looking for at White Mountain Knives. White Mountain Knives maintains excellent vendor relationships, so when you’re looking for something, on the off chance you don’t see it listed, White Mountain Knives will nearly certainly be able to find it for you. Moreover, orders within the United States ship free, so coupling that with their already excellent prices is a sure bargain. There are no replacements for a solid EDC or companion knife, and some of the best of these come from Cold Steel Knife Company. Head over to WhiteMountainKnives.com today and find your next deal from Cold Steel.


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