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Taking Off the Colored Contact Lenses Expertly

Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are now a lifestyle necessity, you are probably wearing them right now as we speak. Of course, they are wonderful, and you can easily enhance your eye color with them naturally. Why wouldn’t anyone want to use them? Anyone not using the colored contact lenses is simply not up with the latest fashion trends.

From parties to Halloween and events nothing beats the special effect of colored contact lenses. You can choose different styles of colored contact lenses that would suit your costume and would simply blend in with your eye color. New looking eyes yet so natural that no one could identify the difference about you.

That said, colored contact lenses have also been a device that many people avoid using. You see inserting a colored lens in the eye is quite an easy task, but when it comes to taking them off, people usually feel some difficulty carrying out the process. Due to this many people avoid using colored lenses altogether after the first experience.

You may argue that this is no reason to not use colored lenses but taking them off can be somewhat tricky for first-timers. But this issue can only be solved with a lot of practice, so that means, it will take time for you to be able to get perfect with taking off the lenses.

Still no worries, you should also take the help of guides, tutorials, and experienced people. So we have crafted a guide for you so you can learn how to take off your one day contact lenses without any trouble.

The Safety Procedure of Coloured Contact Lenses

Before we get into the process of removing your colored contact lenses, you should know about how to use the colored contact lenses safely. Colored contact lenses are regarded as medical devices and thus they must be used with great care and precaution. Some rules are as follows

  • Always buy from a trustworthy store in order to get quality colored contact lenses.
  • Maintain proper hygiene around your colored contact lenses. Clean your hands, clean the storage case and store in a clean place
  • Never share your colored lenses with anyone. They are only meant to be used by the owner and no one else.
  • Never use your colored lenses beyond their expiry date. Buy a new pair if you want to use them again.
  • Never sleep without taking off your lenses, it is not healthy for your eyes.
  • Clean them only with the disinfectant solution that came with the package.
  • Do not clean with any homemade solution or water. This may end up damaging your colored lenses.

Follow these rules when you are using colored contact lenses. With that, we shall move on to the process of expertly taking them off.

How to remove your colored contact lenses

Follow these major steps to ensure that you’ve taken off your lenses safely.

Tools you will need.

  • Solution
  • Mirror
  • Lens case
  • Step 1: After you have come home from the party or event, first wash your hands properly with soap and warm water. Then dry them off with a lint-free cloth.
  • Step 2: Now you can either place the mirror on the desk right beneath you or you can do it by standing in front of the mirror. Remember not to wash your makeup before taking off your colored contact lenses
  • Step 3: So now move your head up while still looking at the mirror to ensure you can see everything perfectly.
  • Step 4: Now use the index finger of your non-preferred hand, as it makes things easier, to pull down the eyelid and hold up the upper eyelid with another finger
  • Step 5: Now comes the tricky part. To take off the contact lenses you need to place the finger of your preferred hand on the lens gently and try to move to away from the iris on the white part of the eye. Once that is done, you need to squeeze the lens very delicately with the thumb and finger. With that, the lens will come off the surface of the eye. Now you can pick the lens out of your eyes.
  • Step 6: To ensure the safety of the lens and to use it safely next time, you must clean it properly by placing it on your palm and dropping some solution on it. Now rub the lens gently with your finger to make sure any dirt or debris is off. And now place the lens safely in the storage case.
  • Step 7: Repeat the same with the next lens and you are good to go.



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