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The Advantage Of Solid Carbide Drill Manufacturers

Solid Carbide Drill Manufacturers

Milling tools are always going to have a limited lifespan, especially in busy machining shops. Between machining hard materials and just natural tool wear, tools are naturally going to lose their edges or just flat out break during use. If you are looking for new milling cutters for your shop, you will enjoy a longer tool life if you are dealing with Carbide Drill Manufacturers. Carbide tools may be pricier, but their high performance definitely makes them worth the investment.

Steel tools are ideal for average applications, but they can suffer once high levels of heat are introduced. This is because steel can lose its temper at high temperatures, softening the cutting edge. Because of this effect, high-speed steel has become a popular option for end mills and drill bits. This specific type of tool steel is ideal for high-speed use because it can maintain its temper even at the high temperatures generated during machining.

Using high-speed steel tools to cut harder materials, including steel, is not going to be your best option. You are basically trying to fight fire with fire. If you run the tool too slow it won’t have enough force to make a cut, but if you run it fast you run the risk of overheating the cutter. This means that while steel end mills and drill bits are cost-effective, they just can’t handle the tough jobs.

This is where carbide comes to the rescue. Carbide tools are made using a powdered carbide ceramic cemented together using a metal, typically cobalt. Tools made from this material are ideal for machining because they can withstand both high temperatures and high speeds. This means that you can run these cutters faster for longer without having to worry about them losing their edge.

Cemented carbide tools are also ideal because they can handle cutting into extremely dense materials. If your shop works with steel and other hard materials, you know that carbide can handle milling parts without failing almost instantly as a steel tool might. This is because carbide has twice the density and double the stiffness of steel. In order to make these tools, carbide drill manufacturers have to grind their tools using extremely hard abrasive grinders. `

At Online Carbide, each of our high-quality cutting tools begins with a piece of solid carbide stock. Unlike cheaper tools that feature carbide tips or coatings, we only offer solid carbide end mills and drill bits. We grind every tool ourselves using state of the art robot fed 5 axis CNC grinders. We are happy to offer our phenomenal tools to our customers at manufacturer-direct prices so you can save big on high-quality cutters for your shop. We currently produce square end mills, ball end mills, full form thread mills, single pitch thread mills, variable end mills, end mills for Aluminum, 6 flute end mills, chamfer mills, drill mills, center drills, spot drills, stub drills, and jobber drills.

So if your shop is looking for tools from a quality carbide drill manufacturer, we have the cutters you need here at Online Carbide. If you operate a machine shop, don’t depend on cheap and unreliable end mills and drill bits from carbide drill manufacturers overseas. Instead, trust an American manufacturer of high-quality tools when you are stocking your shop. If you have any questions about our cutting tools, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at [email protected] or call us between 8 am and 5 pm CST at 630-238-1424.

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