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Things all procrastinators will relate to


Is looking at the Instagram feed and thinking about all the things you need to do and still not giving up scrolling is you? Then, you have a habit of procrastinators.

Procrastinating is basically an art of postponing something. In simple words, you delay everything which requires your time and effort as you are too busy thinking about how to actually get that thing done. Most of us have a problem of thinking too much and doing so less. You commit to yourself that this time it would be different but all your targets and promises go in vain. Let us take a look at all the things which will be easily relatable by you if you are a procrastinator:

Favourite catchphrase is ‘will do it in some time’

You just tend to put everything on tomorrow. Your favourite catchphrase generally includes ‘in some time’. Thinking of doing a task tempts you up until the last moment where it feels like a liability.

Good at making time tables


You get very motivated on some days and decide to change the habit of procrastinating forever. You do all things right, get up early, making a time table. It’s just that you are very good at making time tables but not so good a following them.

You keep scrolling and lose track of time

Instagram and Facebook are your worst friends. You keep scrolling through the infinite feed and think that all of this is a total time waste plus, half of the posts are repetitive but still you keep on scrolling and just as that one more day passes away.

You are good with excuses

Nobody can beat you when it comes to making excuses. You are a mastermind when it gets to that. If you are not good at doing things at least you are good at making up reasons for not doing them.

You have a shortcut for everything

shortcut for procrastinator

As we have read so far, we all know you don’t touch a work up until the last moment. Since it is required to meet deadlines in most of the cases you are very good with shortcuts. You are aware of the know-how of things and how to get them done in a very short span of time.

You don’t clear phone notifications

The basic example of the level of your procrastination can be determined by the notifications in your phone. Check if you are procrastinators or not with your phone notifications. You find it very disturbing looking at them but are too damn lazy to swipe and clear them altogether.

You are busy searching the internet to get rid of procrastination

This is the pro level. Here you have accepted that you have done a masters degree in procrastination and need to do something about it. The next step is searching and reading all the memes, articles, blogs and ways which are related to procrastination in any way.

Completing a task is an achievement


This is a rare sight to see you work before the 11th hour but there is an exception to everything, right?

On days when you work straight for an hour and so after sacrificing your comfort and overcoming all the distractions you actually feel like you have won a castle. You get a feeling of accomplishment and that feeling is beyond words for you.

If you are readily agreeing to all the points mentioned above then you are one of procrastinators and are blessed with this incomparable talent of not giving a damn about deadlines and whatsoever. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Live it.

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