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Tips to Maintain Kitchen That Always Looks Clean

Maintain Kitchen

The kitchen is a room, which requires the most amount of cleaning. No matter how much you may try to wipe or Maintain Kitchen, more often than not, you’ll find it in a mess. It’s one thing having to clean your kitchen regularly but another when it comes to maintaining it at all times.

While some can tolerate a messy kitchen, others might prefer to have a spotless one. Regardless if you’re the former or latter, investing in a modern practical kitchen that includes high gloss laminates, non-porous countertops, an undermount sink, etc, reduces the task of frequent cleaning, on the other hand effortlessly leaves the kitchen in a mint condition at all times.

Furtive Tips to Maintain Kitchen

If you plan on re-modeling or if you’re moving into a new home, here are a few tips on how you can maintain a kitchen that always looks clean.

1.Opt for High Gloss Laminate Finishes

Cabinets with glossy finishes are easier to wipe than normal wooden cabinetry. Acrylic high gloss laminates due to their smooth appearance are much preferred as it gives cabinets a reflective surface which creates an illusion of a spotless kitchen. If you want your kitchen to look seamlessly clean at all times, opt for cabinets with glossy finishes.

2.Keep Open Shelving to a Bare Minimum

Beautifully styled, open shelves might look attractive, but they can be high maintenance as this is the one place where dust, oil, and grime tend to settle. This takes place not only on the shelf but on glasses, dishes, and anything else that might be placed on it as well.

Therefore, it is wiser to opt for closed wall cabinets as this would be a better solution. However, if you really wish to have open shelving, make sure to keep it several feet away from a cooktop, where no grease can settle on it. 

3.Pick a Non-Porous Material for a Countertop

Natural stones like marble and granite may look attractive as a countertop, but they are porous and easily absorb stains. If your kitchen is subjected to food dyes or even spices like turmeric, choosing artificial stone-like quartz for your kitchen counter would be best. This stone, unlike natural stone, has a higher heat resistance and is also resistant to stains, particularly oily ones. Even selecting darker colored countertops always works effectively to hide any obvious staining.

4.Ensure Maximum Storage Space

A kitchen can only look so neat with several things lying around in the open. The most typical problem in a kitchen is countertop crowding. This occurs when items aren’t assigned proper storage space. Resultantly, miscellaneous items like jars, vessels, and appliances lie scattered around the counter or other available surfaces, making the kitchen look messy and inefficient. Dedicating enough storage space to all items can eliminate such problems.

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5.Install an Exhaust Hood

Investing in an exhaust hood powerful enough to remove dust, smoke, dirt, and grime can be beneficial for a kitchen. Selecting a good vent helps make the task of cleaning much less, as it not only sucks in smoke, grease, stale air, and odors eventually releasing it outdoors but makes it less likely for any dust to settle on surfaces. However, when opting for an exhaust make sure to avoid ductless vents or over-the-range microwave filters as these just pull in air. This eventually accumulates within the hood and later recirculates it within the kitchen.

6.Choose a Backsplash with Minimal or No Grout

Tiles are a popular choice for a kitchen backsplash, so if you have your heart set on tile backsplash, consider using large format tiles, which have fewer grout lines, to avoid time-consuming scrubbing of grout.

On the contrary, backsplashes without grout can be effortlessly cleaned. Smooth surfaces like quartz, granite and marble slabs can be easily wiped down using a sponge or a rag. However, care has to be taken when using a marble slab since it’s particularly porous and absorbs stains. Additionally, other options include solid surfaces such as back-painted glass, mirrors, sheets of stainless steel and even washable paint, as these are more practical and provide easy-to-clean wall surfaces.

7.Add Trash Cans Wherever Needed

Trash cans help you minimize your work of endless cleaning. Positioning bins strategically around the kitchen can conveniently reduce the pilling of rubbish. Especially, placing a trash bin beneath the sink, assuming that your designated work is close to it, lessens the opportunity for spills and mess and ensures efficient cleanup.

8.Choose an Undermount Sink

An undermount sink makes work much easier. It lets you wipe crumbs, spills, and dirt directly into the sink without getting any of the mess caught on the edge trim that you normally would with a drop-in sink. Even if you have to run water over the counter, you can save yourself the trouble and direct the grimy water with a wiper into the sink. Preventing messes before they escalate is one way to have a perpetually neat kitchen. But, modern practical solutions work brilliantly too in ensuring a kitchen looks seamlessly clean at all times.

By living in a modern home like Kasu, Goa’s best luxury villas and apartments, you can treat yourself to the finest and most luxurious amenities. This includes an updated kitchenette, fully equipped to suit your every need. Got any tips for Maintain Kitchen looking spotless? Let us know in the comments section.

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