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Top Stand-Up Comedians Who Earned the Most Last Year

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Every day, there is some terrible news on TV. It is like shooting wasabi into your eyeballs. In such times, we are in desperate need of laughter. Just a chuckle would be enough to reduce the stress, wouldn’t it?

Whenever I have a bad day, I like to give myself a dose of laughter. I use my WOW Internet service to watch an episode of Friends. Trust me, nothing can enlighten your mood better than Chandler’s humor.

Speaking of humor, the comedy business has proven to be very lucrative these days. Just take a look at Forbes’ list of highest-paid standup comedians for 2019 to find out how much they are making:

#1: Kevin Hart

Yes, Kevin Hart has made it to the top. He has earned $59 million in the last 12 months. He had a rough past few months ago. He had to step down as host for last year’s Academy Awards. He has also been a victim of everyone’s criticism for his homophobic tweets for which he apologized later.

However, Kevin Hart has continued to make money through sponsorships with brands such as Chase and Mountain Dew. He also has a Netflix special.

#2: Jerry Seinfeld

The “Seinfeld” star Jerry Seinfeld is second on the list. He spent 15 years as a standup comedian. He created the pilot for his show Seinfeld along with Larry David. During the 9th season of the show, he was making $1 million per episode.

He is also the creator and host of Netflix services “Comedians in cars getting coffee.” He is receiving payments from Hulu for the streaming rights for the Seinfeld show. He made $41 million last year.

#3: Jim Gaffigan

On number 3 is Jim Gaffigan. He has earned $30 million in the past year. The biggest chunk of his business comes from touring. In 2018, he took his chances by entering the streaming market with his special called “Noble Ape” and then “Quality Time” which is the first original stand-up special streaming on Amazon. It got amazing response from the audience.

#4: Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is not just a producer, actor, writer, TV host but a comedian and a political commentator. He is the host of the American satirical news program “The daily show” that airs on comedy central. He made $28 million last year.

However, most of his earnings don’t come from anchoring the TV show. His book Born a crime was New York Times’ Bestseller. He also has a Netflix show called “Son of Patricia” which became a huge hit. He also does stand-up tours.

#5: Sebastian Maniscalco

Sebastian Maniscalco before performing at the Four Seasons Hotel used to work as a waiter. He started performing at The Comedy Store regularly and got a hit in his career from there. He made $26 million last year.

The talented comedian has been making people laugh for the last 2 decades. He is back with a stand up special on Netflix called Sebastian Maniscalco. Part of his earnings come from comedy tours.

#6: Gabriel Iglesias

Next on our list is Gabriel Iglesias who has made $56 million last year. He is known as Fluffy in the comedy world. He is a comedian and an actor. He is known for his show I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy.

He used to work in a cell phone company before he started a full-time career in comedy. He was evicted from his home and even lost his car.

He is not bad for someone who just tells jokes. Real success came to him when he started appearing All That with Amanda Bynes and Nick Cannon. Due to his humor, he managed to find more work. He got projects such as Magic Mike, Family Guy, Emperors New School, and The Nut Job.

#7: Amy Schumer
Number 7 on the list is Amy Schumer who earned $21 million last year. Everyone knows how good of an actor and comedian Schumer is.

Although she grew up in a wealthy household when she was 9, her father’s company got bankrupt and her parents divorced.

According to Forbes, her show on comedy central, her stand-up comedy the leather special and her book “The Girl With Lower Back Tattoo” contribute to her earnings. She is the only woman to appear in the list of the highest-earning stand-up comedians.

#8: Terry Fator

Terry Fator has earned $17 million in the last year. It is believed that he gathered most of his wealth by signing a 5-year agreement with the Mirage as a headliner.

On #9 is Jeff Dunham followed by Aziz Ansari on #10.

All these comedians are certainly doing a commendable job. I am going to use my Wow voice and Internet service to binge-watch stand-up special of Kevin Hart this weekend.


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