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Useful Type of Gear Cutting Tools with Key-Points

Type of Gear Cutting Tools

DIC TOOLS is a Quality focused Manufacturer of Type of Gear Cutting Tools in HSS and Carbide material. The tools are tested on the latest CNC Machines to provide efficient performance. We offered to provide you with the most performing, and a wide variety of gear cutting tools. One of the largest applications in gear cutting tools is hobs, which are tools with numerous cutting teeth that can be commonly used in the production of a large number of Type of Gear Cutting Tools.


We are the manufacturer of HSS Gear Hobs Cutters in India, tools are made from high-quality raw material it insure world-class quality and best performance. HSS Hob Cutter is used for external cutting of various gears. We have many types of HSS Gear Hob Cutters. Below is the Type of (HSS Hob Cutters).

Different Parts (Type of Gear Cutting Tools) of HSS Gear Hob Cutters

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1.      Gear Hob Cutter:

Gear Hob Cutter is the cutting tool, used to cut the teeth into the blank work piece. These hobs are cylindrical and have helical cutting teeth that feature grooves that run the length of the hob. Hob Cutter using high-quality raw material for its efficient performance. This Hob Cutter can also be produced in multi gashes and multi-start. These teeth support cutting and chip removal.  

2.      Worm Gear Hob: 

Worm Gear Hob is segments of specific tools that match the worm shaft with a sharpening allowance. These hob cutters are generally designed for plunge cutting. Worm hob is available in various sizes and diameters. Bore Type and Shank Type are two types of Worm Gears Hob. DIC tools offer the shortest time to manufacturer the hob as per our client’s request. 

3.      Involute Gear Hob: 

Involute Gear hob is made of high-quality material and is used in automobile, engineering, and allied industries. These Gear Hob have straight sides teeth like a gear hob is usually of stub tooth depth.  We can also supply our customers involute gear hob in various sizes as per requirement. Involute Gear Hobs are made in single or multiple thread design to meet the specific customer’s requirements.

4.      Gear Cutters: 

DIC Tools provides high-quality reliable cutters. Gear Cutter is used for cutting purposes or semi-finish the tooth space with extra stock. These Cutters are manufactured according to international parameters using the best quality material. The gears Cutter is available in material HSS M2, M35, M42, PM ASP 30, ASP2052, ASP 2062.

5.      Heavy Duty Roughing Hobs: 

We are a Manufacturer of Heavy Duty Roughing hob in standard and non-standard profiles. This Hob Material is generally HSS in grades M2, M35, M42, ASP30, ASP2052, ASP2062. We design the best quality hobs as per the customer’s requirements. It is available in Module Range: m6 to m30 and outside diameter 150 to 340mm.

6.      Serration Hob: 

These hobs are generally used in automobile industries. Serration Hob is specially designed for machine gears, sprockets, which are used as a hobbing cutter. This range is fabricated by making use of top-quality raw material, which is obtained from dependable vendors of the industry. All types of material and sizes range is provided by us based on customer’s requirement.

7.      Non-Involute Gear Hobs: 

We are a Manufacturer and Exporter of non-Involute Gear Hobs. DIC Tools providing high-quality and reliable hobs. The availability of a variety of features ensures that you get the perfect hob for your type of work. Two types of non-Involute gear: cycloidal gear and circular arc gear.

8.      Inserted Blade Hobs: 

DIC Tools are manufactured in the range 10 to 22 Module having a blade of HSS (M-2 or M-35) material and body made of carbon steel. And this results in obtaining optimum heat treatment. We have available Inserted Blade Hobs in a wide variety of styles and shapes.

9.      Gear Skiving Hob: 

This Hob is used as a gear finishing process to minimize distortion errors that occurred on the gears due to heat treatment. Skiving is necessary, especially when dealing with small geared components or with short exit space that would prevent the use of grinding wheels. As our tools are made from high-quality raw material and excellent performance.

10.  Timing Pulley Hob Cutter: 

DIC Tool India Manufacturer Timing Pulley Hobs in Class ‘A’ and Class ‘AA’ accuracies for timing pulleys with straight-sided or involute teeth for Rubber Timing Belt. The hobs can be supplied in pitches ranges from 2.032mm or 1\5”.  These hobs are available in two types Hole type and Shank Type. Timing Pulley Hob Cuter is available in material HSS M2, M5, M35, M42, ASP2030, ASP 2052.

11.  Straight Spline Hob Cutter: 

Straight Spline hob made from HSS material in grades HSS M2, M35, ASP 2030, and ASP 2060. These Hobs are commonly used for cutting parallel splines, they are made in single or multiple thread design.  These have dissimilar grades and differ in basic precision in the quality of the hob. DIC Tools can also supply hob cutter as well as customized design as per client requirement.

12.  Chain Sprocket Hob: 

We are Manufacturers of Chain Sprocket and have a strong processing capacity for high-speed digital gear hobbing machine to guarantee the teeth quality. These Hobs are available in material HSS M2, M35, ASP 2030, ASP 2060, HSS-CO, PM-HSS with all types of the latest PVD Coatings. We offer the shortest time to manufacture the sprocket hob as per our client’s request.

13.Pre Shaving Involute Gear Hobs: 

These Gear hob, made with maximum and proper finishing. Pre Shaving Involute Gear Hob is offered with topping, semi-topping, and single tip profiles, we can also supply these hobs in standard and non-standard involute profiles.

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