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Veteran Fashion Designer Bina Ramani comes up with a new Entrepreneurial Venture


After reigning as the ‘Godmother of Fashion in India’, the trailblazer artist and septuagenarian entrepreneur Bina Ramani is setting a new trend in the elixir market with her latest enterprise,  Malabar Secrets.

Defying age with her enthusiasm and energy, the veteran fashion designer has launched a range of spice-flora infusions, spiced ambrosia honey, and spiced dark artisanal chocolates. Promising ‘India in a bottle’, products by Malabar Secrets offer a bounty of health, along with a sweet sting of spices.

Aiming to enhance the quality of life through a perfect interplay between leisure and health, Malabar Secrets‘ innovative formulas of natural spices, fruit and flora embody the science of Ayurveda. The exquisite range of nine spice-flora infusions grouped with six to nine complimenting flavours per bottle can accentuate the taste of any drink, providing an ethereal experience.

Talking about the inspiration behind Malabar Secrets, Bina Ramani said, “My team and I wanted to serenade people’s senses with esoteric flavours. For almost two years, we traversed through the fabulous spice fields of Malabar region. After carefully studying various spices, their medicinal properties and different aromas, we lovingly developed our product that combines immaculate health with impeccable flavour.”

During my battle with cancer, I was told about the importance of drinking lots of water. It was usually boring to down several bottles of water, but later I turned to flowers, spices, fruits and all sorts of aromatic flavours and this was my moment to put my thought to work.”

The spiced infusions, dark artisanal chocolates and ambrosia honey by Malabar Secrets bring out delectable flavours by combining spices like nutmeg, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and anise with floral infusions like saffron, jasmine, and rose.


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