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What is spinal cord injury? Common types of back injuries and how can you prevent?

what is spinal chord injury


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The spinal cord has a complex structure. The spinal cord is a bone consists of various vertebrae and extended from the base of the head to near the waist or pelvic bone.

Spinal bone is made up of 33 vertebrae joined in a specific position. The spinal cord also contains nerves connected with the nervous system. These nerves transfer the information from the body organ to the nervous system in the brain.

Any injury to the spinal cord can damage the vertebrae and the nervous system too. If you are involved in an accident, which is due to someone else fault and negligence, you can claim compensation. It’s your legal right to claim the compensation against the liable party so that they make sure that they are doing safe work without hurting someone else.


Any damage to any area of the spinal cord not only damage the sensation but also make your body weaker and can also make you disable permanently.

As you know, the human backbone has a complex structure so that any minor back injury can become severe and painful. If you ever involved in an accident which injured your spinal cord, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Common types of back injuries

There are two major types of back injuries.
1. Spondylolisthesis
2. Cervical radiculopathy


This is the common condition in labor and people of older age. This condition occurs when the vertebrae get slips from the base of the spine. This condition can also occur due to the defect in the one or both vertebrae.

In Spondylolisthesis symptoms, people feel intense pain in the lower back that radiates towards the legs and buttocks.

Cervical Radiculopathy

This condition usually occurs due to impaired nerve function. Damage to the nerves can cause pain in the spine and nearby areas.

How to prevent back injuries?

  • Back injuries can occur anywhere; however, it is more common in workplaces. There are various techniques you can use to reduce the risk of getting your back injured.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects –manual industries, where you lift the heavy objects manually, are at more risk of back injuries. Many lifting techniques can help you to lift heavy objects without putting the weight on your back.
  • Correct your sitting posture – Wrong sitting posture can also cause pain in the spinal cord that radiated towards the leg and buttocks. If you sit and work for a long time, it’s better to sit in a comfortable posture; otherwise, you may degenerate your backbone.
  • Brutal impact – Backbone injuries are also common in road accidents, especially when you are a biker. When you collide on a high speed, the sharp and sudden effects can move you forward. This may damage the backbone form the neck area.

Treatment for spinal cord injuries

Forget everything at the time of the accident. You should only focus the medical attention. You should immediately seek medical attention. If you delay the treatment, it may put your life in danger. Furthermore, if you delay the procedure, you may also ruin your compensation claim.

Doctor’s don’t know about the specific healing time of the spinal cord injury. The healing time of the spinal cord injury depends on the severity and the type of injury.

In spinal injury treatment, the doctor might do some physical and blood tests. If needed, they may also take the bone marrow and analysis in the laboratory to find the primary cause of the damage. However, if the nerves are damaged in the accidents, you may not recover this type of injury.

Seek the help of the solicitor

After or during the medical treatment, you can claim the compensation against the liable party. For this, you will need a legal expert. You can seek the help of the personal injury solicitor Bolton to claim the compensation against the responsible party.

Personal injury solicitors can also help you in collecting the evidence. You can claim compensation for every damage you experience due to the accident.

Spinal cord injury compensation claim can cover the general body damage, traveling costs, and hospital expenditures, social and economic damage. Therefore, if you seek the advice of an expert and professional personal injury solicitor, you can win the maximum compensation amount.


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