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What is The Difference Between Data Annotation and Labeling in AI & ML?

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Though, Data labeling and annotation are the words used interchangeably to represent the an art of tagging or label the contents available in the various formats. Nowadays both of these techniques are basically used to make the object or text of interest recognizable to machines through computer vision.

What is Data Labeling in Machine Learning and AI?

Data labeling is the process of tagging the data like text or objects in videos and images to make it detectable and recognizable to computer vision to train the AI models through machines learning algorithm for right predictions.

Labeling basically done with useful tags or added metadata to make the texts more meaningful and informative making it understandable to machines. And usually texts and images are labeled but nowadays annotation is also used for the same purpose and labeling is done for machine learning training.

What is Annotation or Data Annotation in Machine Learning and AI?

Just like data labeling service provider, annotation is the process of capturing the object of interest in the image to make it recognizable and understandable to machines through computer vision. It is used to train the AI models by the training the deep learning algorithms, learn and perceive the patterns, represented through annotation.

Data annotation consists, text annotation, image annotation and video annotation using the various techniques as per the project requirements and machine learning algorithms compatibility. Data annotation is done to create the training data sets for AI and ML.

Data annotation helps machines to learn the certain patterns and correlate the results, and the use the data sets to recognize the similar patterns in future to predict the results. As much as training is used to train such models, the predilection will be accurate making AI possible in real-life through data annotation services.

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Difference Between Annotation and Labeling

Basically there is no major difference between data labeling and data annotation, except style and type of tagging the content or object of interest. Both are used to create machine learning training data sets depending on the type of AI model development and process of training the algorithms for developing such models.

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