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What role does Wikipedia play in the success of a business?


Being recognized as a successful entrepreneur can be difficult for businesses in the competitive market where organizations are continually striving to establish their brand. The ultimate goal of any business to spread brand awareness and drive sales in the market place. This requires successful marketing strategies to market the business and make an impact on the audience.

There are many marketing strategies that can help a business to grow. However, one platform surprisingly, that has an effective approach for effective marketing is Wikipedia. However, before we come to marketing with Wikipedia, let’s begin with what Wikipedia actually is.

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia where individuals can find information on various topics and subjects with references to credible sites. Wikipedia doesn’t pay or hire a writer or editor to create a Wikipedia page. It is an open site that encourages people to volunteer and contribute information on the site according to the guidelines of Wikipedia and with proper references.

How can Wikipedia help in driving sales for a business?

Wikipedia is a credible source of information on most search engines, plays an important role in your SEO strategy. You can consult a professional writer or editor to include it as a part of your marketing tactic.

Having a Wikipedia page optimizes the search engines as it is the part of the list of top five most visited websites on the planet. Businesses take advantage of the fact and hire writers to write a well-researched and authentic piece of information for Wikipedia.

As said above, it plays a great role in driving sales. Being one of the credible sites on the search engines, Wikipedia makes a significant effect in making a reputation of businesses on the search engines. It improves your business and marketing efforts by adding credibility to your business. Most importantly, the audience is able to trust your brand and products.

However, it is not an easy task to write a Wikipedia page and get it published. A Wikipedia writer must follow the strict guidelines and meet the technical aspects of writing a credible piece of information. Otherwise, your Wikipedia page can end up being deleted or flagged by the Wikipedia community.

Other than that, a writer must remember that Wikipedia is against any promotional content which can risk your reputation on the search engines. Therefore, it is important that you don’t use glorifying or biased language that can make your Wikipedia article sound promotional.

You must make sure that your business has enough media coverage on authentic sites to be able to provide references for information in the article.

Wikipedia community makes sure that your article is properly cited and contains references form credible sites and provide unbiased information for the readers. Make sure that you don’t include any personal information in the article or the account may get deleted by the Wikipedia community.

So if you haven’t thought of using Wikipedia as a marketing platform, it is high time that you include Wikipedia as your marketing strategy.


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