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Why choose Phillips Academy Andover high school?

Phillips Academy Andover high school


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For all those who love discovery, idea, and learning, Phillips Academy Andover is the choice for them. Here, the students are welcomed in an inspiring community from all over the world. You will get surrounded by smart, motivated, open-minded and curious people. It is a place with limitless opportunities.

“The end lies in the beginning”

Preparing yourself for university is one of the most important tasks that you need to do. This is the best place to start your carrier, as along with the education they also prepare you for better higher studies.

It’s the right beginning that will offer you a great end ahead of it. Here you will find numerous numbers of opportunities and can experiment with new approaches. Not just that with limitless opportunities, you will gain the courage to take risks which in turn makes a better future for you ahead.

Students across the world from diverse social-economic, cultural, racial and geographical background came here so you will get an opportunity to get to know about diverse cultures while spending an important part of your life.

The academy is committed to establishing a community where people respect a diverse number of cultures and family backgrounds. The academy seeks balance, service, and co-operation with awareness. There is no discrimination based on race, color, age, sexual orientation, disability, nation originality, religion, and marital status.

You can take admission as boarding or day school as per your preferences. You will be exposed to all kind of people and will have a great experience of living with people from diverse cultures.

Not just that, you can make friends from different part of the world that will make you understand the beliefs of other cultures. This is just an awesome phase.

“A team of inspiring teachers”

The academy had inspiring staff that allows you to think about the problems across the world. They would not make you learn things but as well as enhance your creativity and mental ability and this is what makes Phillips Academy Andover different from other schools.

Here you would not only learn the academics but as well as you can enjoy extracurricular activities. The school will help you in becoming a mature, a better and a hard worker.

On top of that, the school is performing great academically and preparing students for a better future. The admission rate to the world’s top universities is very high therefore this is just the best place to start a brighter and successful future.

“Prepare you for your college”

Preparing yourself to take admission in top universities is one of the most important tasks that you have to do as a student. Every student dream of taking admission in one of the top universities of the world.

This is the initial phase of taking admission in the top universities of the world. It is like the first stage of your life; it is like a trajectory for the remaining of your life.

higher are the chances to take admission to an elite university if you start your study at an early age in this preparatory school. If you are looking for a university preparatory school for your child, then this is just the perfect school for you.

After making this decision for yourself, you will never regret to choose Phillips Academy Andover for your child or for yourself.

“Your child will get the environment that he needs”

All the students are highly ambitious and hungry to learn new things. It makes you the most authentic, daring, and honest person. Get ready to become a better version of yourself.

You will learn from the teachers that make you think openly; they will help you in making a better person. You will learn critical thinking as well. there is no single teaching method that is applied by the teachers, they try their best way to teach and to make students learn.

Students from various parts of the world come here having dreams in their eyes and a zeal to become successful as well as a passion. No matter whether you choose a day school or a boarding school for your child, you will make your child live with great surroundings that will keep him/her motivated throughout life. and this is what is most important in today’s life.


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