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What to Know About Therapy Dog Liability Insurance?

Dog Liability Insurance

Dogs have been part of our lives for as long as we can remember. They remain one of the leading pets and serve as companions through many chapters of our life. In certain situations where people can no longer physically own a dog or do not spend a lot of time at home, dogs can prove to be valuable parts of the quality of life.

Therapy dogs are specially trained to provide love and comfort to people outside of the home. They are very common in places like nursing homes, hospitals, and schools. These facilities use therapy dogs because the simple act of petting a dog can have many health benefits. It lowers stress and anxiety and can reduce the risk of stroke, seizure and heart attack.

Therapy dogs are “working” dogs with full certification to provide comfort to patrons. These dogs undergo training that makes them work well and be accepting of strangers, polite during petting, comfortable in crowds and around other dogs, responsive to commands like sitting and laying down and coming when called.

They are thoroughly trained to socialize with new people, places and things and remain affectionate and friendly around strangers while having a naturally calm demeanor.

Once dogs complete this training, they are registered with a national therapy dog organization to complete certification. The certification level goes up as a dog performs more visits.

Therapy dogs are usually at least one year old, fully up to date on vaccinations, and have a clean bill of health from a veterinarian.

It’s important to note that therapy dogs and service dogs are not the same. Service dogs are typically assigned to one individual who needs assistance in daily life, such as a seeing eye dog. Service dogs are also trained by professionals to provide the necessary assistance.

Therapy dogs do not have any formal assignment to individuals and are trained directly by their owner. These dogs often work on a volunteer basis for the benefit of multiple people at locations like nursing homes and hospitals.

For commercial businesses and organizations that use dogs for therapy, having the proper therapy dog liability insurance plan is necessary. Whether you are an organization that provides therapy dogs or if you use a therapy dog for commercial use, you need to have the right policy in place.

Many therapy dog organizations have insurance policies that cover volunteer work. However, if you use a therapy dog for anything outside of volunteer work, you are not covered.

This is why it is important for you to know your options and find a place for additional coverage that keeps you protected. Therapy dog liability insurance is available with XINSURANCE to give you this additional coverage and protect your from claims against you as the owner.

XINSURANCE offers customizable coverage options and therapy dog liability insurance that can cover any breed. There is also no restriction on the level of experience for the therapy dog. This insurance is suitable for therapy dog organizations who may need protection or for businesses that allow or use therapy dogs.

XINSURANCE provides solutions for many different insurance types for people who are in need of help with coverage. An all-in-one approach helps you create insurance coverage that fits your needs to make sure you are completely protected.

Contact XINSURANCE today by calling 877-585-2853 to review your current insurance policy and coverages. The team will happily review and guide you to the best coverage for you so you are protected.

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