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What’s So Special About A Pair Of Loake Shoes?

Loake Shoes

There are so many options out there in designers and designs for you to choose from when you’re shopping for a nice pair of dress shoes that it seems impossible to make a choice. When there are so many affordable options among them it might seem counterintuitive to spend top dollar to secure a pair of nice shoes like Loake Shoes. Sure, they’re expensive but here’s the thing. They’re worth every penny.

Why would you spend a premium when you can get similar shoes that offer very similar styles and nearly indistinguishable looks? One word can answer this question in a nutshell and that word is quality. And while the single word answers the question, much more can be said about it.

It does all come down to quality, but there’s much more to it than a single word, and in the line of competition looks can be very deceiving. The first thing that goes into the incomparable quality of a pair of Loake shoes is the components. From the uppers to the lining to the soles, they use nothing but the most ultra-premium materials to construct their shoes. Their uppers are fashioned from the highest quality suede and calfskin that they can produce, and fully leather lined. The grades of leather they use are intended to age and weather nicely, resist creasing and cracking, and form to the shape of your foot to offer you unparalleled support and comfort.

Even so, the uppers are stitched onto the soles with a Goodyear welt that can’t be matched for quality. Whereas many shoemakers incorporate inferior methods of stitching into the designs of their shoes, all Loake shoes join their uppers and soles with a genuine Goodyear welt, which protects the upper and makes resoling a breeze when the time comes for restoration services.

So while you might be able to save a penny or two with a purchase elsewhere, when cheaper materials start to break down or wear there’s simply no way to service them – they need to be replaced. Synthetic leather is gone once it cracks, but well cared for leather will age gracefully and can easily last a lifetime. Different stitching protocols might save money in the short run but they will destroy uppers and make it nearly impossible to re-sole the shoe when the sole does wear down.

So if you’re looking for fine handmade shoes and understand that you often get what you pay for, when you pay for a nice pair of Loake’s and give them the care they deserve, you’ll be investing in a pair of shoes that will last a lifetime or maybe even more. There’s even more good news. There’s no shortage in styles and fashion to suit your every fancy and taste in shoes, so whether you’re looking for suede or leather, wingtips or dress boots.

And when you shop for a pair of Loake shoes at Sherman Brothers, the positives just keep on adding up. First, you’ll be shopping tax and shipping free so there are no hidden fees on top of the price you see. Secondly, you’ll be getting some of the best customer services in the market for footwear. The team at Sherman Brothers is second to none when it comes to their product line – if you have any questions whatsoever regarding style or construction, you can trust their team to bring you the answers you need. Once you’ve made the choice to shop for a nice pair of Loakes to add to your repertoire, the next logical step is to visit ShermanBrothers.com to find it there.

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