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What’s the Best Spyderco Knife?

Spyderco Knife


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Spyderco has a lot of dedicated fans. They’ve built that fan base up by selecting some of the best steels around and subjecting them to the ideal heat treatment. On top of that, the blades they release feature some of the most tantalizing interesting designs that you don’t frequently find. Every knifemaker out there sells a 4-inch drop point hunting knife with a full through tang and micarta scales, but how many feature the compelling curves and rigid spines of some of Spyderco’s folders? The loyalty among some Spyderco fans is so intense that they even turn to Spyderco for their kitchen cutlery, and the mere sight of that signature ‘spyderhole’ sends shivers up their spines. Nonetheless, it can be tough to pick the Best Spyderco Knife, and every fan out there is going to have something to weigh in on. Be that as it may, here are some contenders for that title.

If you love a folder for EDC or utility, and lots of Spyderco fans do, the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 has a lot to love. This knife is offered with a bunch of different finishes to the blade and scales and offers a full flat grind for extraordinary edge retention and resilience, not to mention the fact that it will be easy to touch up. Interesting in its design and remarkably usable, Spyderco’s Roadie is another awesome folder. Although it does not lock, it offers excellent ergonomics and tip strength that almost cannot be matched due to its sheepsfoot design. Excellent for carving and general utility, this knife is hard to beat as a substitute for a pen knife that can be a constant companion in the pocket. Another contender for the title of best Spyderco knife is the Squeak Slipit. Still managing to pack a bit of a curve and a lot of blade heft into its diminutive but wildly capable two-inch blade, the squeak slipit is ideal for jobs that require a lot of muscle and a short blade where slips can be dangerous.

If you’re one of those that wants to see some laurels placed on Spyderco’s fixed blades for best Spyderco knife, then there is no shortage of options in that arena as well. Some awesome picks are Spyderco’s Proficient which has carbon fiber scales – light and impressively strong, this knife is perfect for hunting, fishing, or camp craft. The Spyderco Moran could easily be any outdoorsman’s sidekick, with its slightly swept blade, strong point, and well-contoured handle. Perhaps even better is Spyderco’s Sustain, which seems almost like a cross between a toothpick and a bowie with its false edge and fine point. This knife would make an excellent addition to the repertoire of any outdoorsman’s tools, and any of these could be argued to be an option for the best Spyderco knife.

The truth may be, however, that there simply are too many excellent options to select one single best Spyderco knife, and that any knife could make its place for a given purpose. It is also true that each of these knives and many, many more can be found at White Mountain Knives, where you’ll be dazzled by not only the stock and the prices but the fact that you won’t have to pay shipping on your orders. It’s like shopping in a knife warehouse, and all from the convenience of home. If you’re looking to add some Spyderco knives to your collection, visit WhiteMountainKnives.com today.

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