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Which Cylinder Should You Choose?


The frequent and in-general form of the Pneumatic cylinder is, a moving or choose cylinder in one another instead of its straight-line movement. This style of the straight actuator is used in an assortment of mechanical areas, industrial facility robotization, and bundling, in addition to transportation and life science applications. 

When hoping to indicate straight actuators there are two kinds of working standards: single-acting and twofold acting. We will investigate these varieties, run of the mill applications in addition to focal points and detriments. 

Single-acting cylinders

A single bearing is used to push or get the power is known as a single-acting cylinder. 

There are two types:

‘Push’ type – where the utilization of pneumatic stress delivers a push, along with these lines ‘pushing’ the cylinder. 

You should know the pneumatics – a single or double-acting. Picking the Right Cylinder – Single Acting Cylinder Push Type – Parker Hannifin – Pneumatic Division Europe 

‘Draw’ type – where the use of pneumatic stress delivers a push, along these lines ‘pulling’ the cylinder. 

Know Your Pneumatics: Do I need a solitary or twofold acting cylinder? – Single Acting Cylinder – Push Type – Parker Hannifin – Pneumatic Division Europe 

Know Your Pneumatics: Single or Double Acting? Picking the Right Cylinder – P1P Single Acting Cylinder – Parker Hannifin – Pneumatic Division Europe 

Single-acting cylinders, for example, Parker’s P1P Series, are ordinarily utilized for applications where work is done uniquely one way, for example, clasping, situating, stamping, stroking, and light gathering activities. Choose Cylinder in terms of Single-acting cylinders.

Double-acting cylinders 

When pushed or power generated from both expanding and debiting bearings is known as a double-acting cylinder. They have the ports at both ends which enables them to move back and forth by its rotation and it gets important when a heap has to be removed.. 

Gaseous tension is connected on the other hand to the far edges of the cylinder and choose cylinder is the nest challange. Gaseous tension is used when there has to be a push in positive as well as negative stroke. 

Let’s start with what is pneumatics – single or double? Picking the Right Cylinder – Double Acting Cylinder – Parker Hannifin – Pneumatic Division Europe 

When choosing a pneumatic cylinder, it’s essential to consider all parts of the working condition to guarantee you settle on the right decision. Ecological components can now and then be neglected when choosing a pneumatic cylinder, however, they are significant if configuration designers need to advance activity, boost working life and guarantee unwavering quality. Pneumatic cylinder double acting is the best than other.

The components to consider incorporate encompassing temperature, working media/synthetic concoctions, and different liquids or materials present. 

Working temperature 

For a standard cylinder, basic execution attributes are frequently indicated for a working temperature scope of – 20°C to 80°C. Be that as it may, in the event that your application works past this breaking point, at that point, it’s imperative to pick a variation intended to adapt to all the more testing applications. 

There are some pneumatic cylinder item variations that, with the assistance of explicit higher execution greases and unique fixing materials, can work successfully in either extraordinary low-temperature situations (down to – 40°C) or in higher temperature conditions (up to 150°C). 

Choosing a Pneumatic Cylinder – Operating Environments – P1D-X-Extreme Temperature Cylinders – Pneumatic Division Europe – Parker Hannifin Corporation 

Our P1D-X, an ISO 15552 profile cylinder for high and low-temperature applications with erosion safe body for cruel conditions, is one such cylinder. 

Numerous varieties are accessible on the essential twofold acting cylinder structure. 


You cannot use it in an intermediate position, 

Air acts as a compressible medium, if you want to use a pneumatic cylinder as a feed cylinder, it must be joined with the water source cylinder to be in a stable position.

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