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All About Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad


Introduction to one of the best hospitals of Hyderabad

Yashoda Hospitals, Secunderabad is one of the main multi-forte emergency clinics in Hyderabad. In the course of recent decades, Yashoda Group of Hospitals has given quality human services to the general population in their different therapeutic needs. The necessities of the patients have constantly guided us towards conveying far-reaching care.

We continually work to give our patients the best social insurance administration by flawlessly mixing progressive innovation, best restorative skill, and propelled strategies. Our far-reaching human services group of particular specialists, nonstop nursing staff, and paramedics are furnished with the most recent medicinal advancements and best-in-class foundation. We give adept medicinal conclusion and treatment for sicknesses, injury, and crises over each wellbeing discipline.

Yashoda Hospitals are one of the most famous chains of hospitals in the country and they have been working successfully in Hyderabad for a long time. Their customers have been more than satisfied with the service that has been offered by Yashoda Hospitals.

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Specialties at Yashoda Hospitals

Yashoda Hospital provides the best services and comprises some of the best doctors and surgeons. They are considered to be one of the pioneers and centers of clinical excellence as far as the medical service is considered. Almost all the services that are rendered by the doctors and all the extra specialties are quite affordable and can also be sought by a middle-class family. Some other facilities are as following

The Department of Cardiology comprises of some of the best doctors starting with Dr. T. Sashikanth who is one of the most renowned cardiologists of the country with an experience of over 21 years. Further, Dr. Uday Kumar Hosad also has an experience of over 21 years and is considered to be one of the most renowned cardiologists of the country. Further, moving on towards the Department of Psychology, there is one of the most renowned psychologists of the country who works as a psychologist at Yashoda Hospitals. Other departments like department of gastroenterology, Urology, Neurology are quite well developed and are at par with that of the medical services that is offered at hospitals abroad.

Achievements of Yashoda Hospital

Though Yashoda Hospital Hyderabad is a new hospital it has emerged out at a very fast pace compared to other newly established private hospitals. It has been accorded with the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare. Further, they perceive the wellbeing associations that guarantee pre-essential guidelines in nursing care. The nursing staff is the foundation of medicinal services. Nursing experts with skill, morals, and empathy offer solace and care for patients and their families. Yashoda Hospitals fulfills nursing magnificence guidelines and points toward persistent improvement to help and encourage standard nursing practices to advance wellbeing and avoid sickness.

Advances in medications and strategies occur here first. Yashoda Group is a shared network of specialists, enabled by remarkable innovation, with the goal that our emergency clinics canmake critical leaps forward and make an interpretation of them quickly into therapeutic medicines.

  • We are specialists at what we do. Patients can be guaranteed that they would get quality social insurance, where the most exceptional medications are conveyed by the field’s driving therapeutic experts. Coming up next are not many models:
  • In excess of 20,000 cardiovascular strategies consistently
  • First Inter-State Heart transplantation in the district
  • PTE techniques in Pulmonology Embolism as a team with specialists of Duke University, USA
  • Treated the World’s biggest number (10000*) of malignancy patients with RapidArc Technology
  • First in the world to utilize RapidArc based Stereotactic Radio-medical procedure in the treatment of Arteriovenous Malfunction
  • First in India to actualize 4D gated RapidArc for the treatment of moving tumors
  • One and just approved Advanced Training place for IMRT/IGRT and RapidArc innovation for Oncologists and Physicists the nation over
  • In excess of 16,200 patients have been effectively treated utilizing high accuracy Radiotherapy
  • Without precedent for India, Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) was utilized to treat multi-organ brokenness, septicemia, hard-headed CCF, and so forth having hemodynamic insecurity.

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