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What Is Landscape Architecture? What Are Work Activities Of Them?

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture was a common word; it is a mixture of science & art, vision also it makes to understand how this environment works, it also discover how increasingly complex that the relationships between some built as well as natural environments.

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Duties Of Architecture Are:

They work with the man-made as well as the natural environment that they create wildlife homes, install tolerable infrastructure, innovative spaces & thriving communities. They work toward urban as well as rural landscapes to help in designing, management, technical skills, problem-solving, ecology and innovation across various projects and responsibilities.

They work to support in urban design, landscape design, landscape management, landscape planning, and academia. 

The trained landscape architect possesses the skills that they train to combine the art as well as design and they consider physical, economic, social, political, including cultural parts to produce creative solutions to our urban & natural environments.

The skilled person with complete knowledge of horticulture, science, engineering, design, geography, art, technology, philosophy, politics, social sciences, history, etc.

They may also employ to plan, design the infrastructure creatively and also as project management toward public and they also employ to private spaces like single and multi-residential fields, public parks, public gardens, university and government campuses, playgrounds, shopping centers, waterways, golf courses, roads and highways & industrial parks. 

Additional areas include expert witness, visual impact assessment, urban regeneration, parks and wildlife, natural and resource management, townscapes and streetscapes.

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important career that it helps to make the environment more livable, preserve the environment it focuses on the creative design. 

Landscape Architects used to work for the government, contractors, councils, major landowners, developers and local authorities. The projects which hold by them may be a small neighbourhood or the city-region scale.

Mostly they work in studios, offices, and outdoors. These landscape architects mostly design the project works in an office environment, and they need to visit clients for discussion about estimating the values of the project – and gather report on soil type, also pre-existing vegetation including the shape of the land. 

They generally work regular office hours. But, when working among deadlines, they have to manage the work on weekends as well as in the evenings too. 

Landscape architects usually work as a member of the team, and they have to communicate with clients, and other architects, community members, engineers, contractors, and need to be involved with any particular project.

Standard work activities:

  • Creating plans, designs and drawings
  • Managing the design of various projects in urban regeneration, retail, road or natural
  • Conducting site studies and monitoring progress
  • Preparing detailed plans and working drawings using computer-aided design (CAD) and similar software.
  • Presenting proposals and dealing with enquiries
  • Supporting biodiversity
  • Ensuring the ecological health of landscapes
  • Generating new business
  • Investigating climate change, including food shortages and increased energy demands alongside relevant policy, and adapt to respond
  • Producing contracts and cost estimates
  • Discussing requirements with clients

In this field, travel is a significant part that several landscape architects need to live and must work abroad also need to work with overseas clients. They address concerns like sustainability, climate change, water & housing. 

The task involves several collaborating, including landscape contractors, surveyors, environmentalists, and engineers. According to research, there are several colleges of Bachelor of Architecture in India to join.

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