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Bariatric Surgery: Helps to reduce extreme weight

Bariatric Surgery

A good number of women, men and even children are found to suffer from obesity. This is increasingly becoming an epidemic in today’s world, due to lack of awareness among people to have good nutritional food and regular exercise. Obese people are found to suffer from different types of health conditions and even face an untimely death. So, it becomes essential to maintain proper and healthy body weight according to Body Mass Index with Bariatric Surgery.

One solution to avail is to consult the best bariatric surgeons like Dr Adarsh Choudhary to get the most appropriate treatments. Weight loss surgery can be termed to be a boon for highly obese people. It is exclusively meant for those who are not able to get relief from regular exercises or gym. 

Some common types of bariatric surgery conducted

  • Gastric Bypass: It is considered to be a surgical procedure to help lose weight. In this process, there is created a small pouch at the top portion of the stomach using surgical staples. It is then connected to the intestines by passing through the stomach. This is sure to make you to feel fuller with less food and much faster. It effectively means that low calories will be absorbed, thus allowing maintaining healthy weight and lose excess fat. 
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy: This is perhaps the most advised and commonly used surgical procedure to help shed excess body weight. The surgeons during the surgical procedure reduce stomach to approximately 15% of the existing size, so as to make the same smaller. This also means that the person will not be able to consume much like before undergoing the surgery. Eating less will make him/her to feel full quickly and also maintain better body weight without requiring exerting self in any manner.
  • Intra-Gastric Balloon: This is considered to be the latest medical procedure that can lose weight effectively. The procedure involves placing a silicone balloon on the stomach for temporary time-frame to help lose weight. Patients who have not benefitted from different diet regimen can avail this procedure. 
  • Biliopancreatic Diversion: This is just like gastric bypass, except n additional pouch being added to the intestine. It allows the person to have lower calories, thereby shedding excess weight. People suffering from obesity and those dealing with cardiovascular and diabetes issues are recommended this procedure. 

The above are few of the weight loss procedures that can be opted to shed extreme body weight. But, it will be wise to first discuss with the knowledgeable and experienced bariatric surgeons like Dr Adarsh Choudhary to know about the pre and post-surgical precautions to be taken and the side effects that might develop after the surgery. This will help the person to be better prepared mentally. 

Essential questions to ask the bariatric surgeon

Bariatric surgery is proved to offer the obese person with life-changing experience. It also requires extensive commitment from the person and ensures there are made significant lifestyle changes as recommended by the healthcare professional. Only then can the surgery be termed to be a grand success and will prove to be worthy of the money and time spent as well as improve overall health condition. 


To be a potential candidate, the person needs to:

  • Suffer from one/more morbid conditions (if BMI is lesser than 40).
  • Have BMI that exceeds 40.
  • Have weight excess by at least 50 kg.

Tests to undergo prior to the surgery:

For the surgeon to get a clear picture with regards to the patient’s overall well-being, the following tests may be suggested:

  • Electrocardiogram
  • Physiological Evaluation
  • Chemistry Screen
  • Urinalysis
  • CBC (with full blood count)

Best procedure to be undertaken:

The fact is that any single weight loss surgical procedure type is not likely to fit everyone’s needs. The type to be conducted will actually depend upon the person’s current lifestyle, weight and underlying health risks. If the following procedures are undergone, then possibly, the doctor might not suggest this procedure:

  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Gastric sleeve surgery

Therefore it is only after thorough research and understanding that the person should take the final call to avail a procedure to do away with the extra body weight and lead a normal life.

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