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How Yoga Is Important To Stay Fit In Life?

Yoga Is Important To Stay Fit

Yoga is an art of practising self-control and discipline. It’s an important part of life. It gives mental and physical health to our body and strengthens the connection between human and nature.

Yoga helps in the mental, physical and spiritual development of a human being through various physical and mental exercises. Yoga is very important for life as it teaches us all the values necessary to be practised in life.

It is said to be the practice of meeting the “Atma with Paramatma” which means yoga provides you calmness and silence that enables you to feel like a meeting of your soul with God. Yoga is an essential part of life to stay fit.

It is a combination of various principles and asanas which together form complete yoga that leads you towards inner peace and self-love.

Path of self-love, the path of discipline, path of inner peace, the path of concentration, the path of inhaling the positivity and exhaling the negativity all these routes are driven from yoga and leads to a successful and peaceful life.

Yoga, a simple 4 letters word, but has great importance in itself. Yoga is driven from a Sanskrit word Yuj which means to join or to unite. Yoga is essential in life as it is believed that the practice of yoga leads to the union of individual consciousness and universal consciousness. And this combination of yoga leads to a bright path of self-love and inner peace.

If we pay attention to the current situation, it’s like a time of national emergency. This pandemic named COVID-19 is welcoming everyone with open feathers to be a witness of its existence.

It is like a curse to the living beings. In this time of drought named COVID-19 PPE(Personal Protective Instruments) kit is such a rain that satisfies the truth of the life of every human being, but yoga tends to like a flowing river that provides strength to every human to withstand and fight against this pandemic.

The role of PPE kits during COVID-19, Face Masks, Sanitizers, is also an essential one. As it helped our not our worries but also the common public to step out of their homes and bring their life back to normal. But it’s not enough, we need to strengthen our body in order to fight back this disease, we must exercise and practise yoga on a daily basis as it builds up immunity in our body to fight against various diseases.

The history of yoga mentions yoga  5000 years ago as it was mentioned in Rigveda. But it had its origin from Patanjali. Yoga is important for life and so are its limbs. There are 8 limbs of yoga around which the entire practice of yoga revolves, they are as follows:

1.Yama which means abstinences
2. Niyama meaning observances
3.Asana is yoga postures
4.Pranayama is the breath control
5.Pratyahara means withdrawal of the senses
6. Dharana is the concentration
7.Dhyana means meditation
8.Samadhi is absorption.

There are different types of yoga based on their style of performing. Yoga is important in life as it is just not the practice of asanas but a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Yoga is important
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1.Yoga Boost Your Energy

With the everyday busy routine and multitasking, our body feels exhausted or discharged that can deprive us of our goal. In such a situation all you need is a basic yoga and meditation guide to start your day. 15 minutes of yoga daily can build your day and you will feel charged for the entire day. As it boosts up your energy and gives you the stamina to withstand the entire day.

Yoga Boost Your Energy
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The secret behind the completion of any task is your division and attentiveness to it. As concentration means to live fully in the present, it can help you succeed in whatever you do. This concentration can be conquered through meditation.

Meditation increases your concentration and builds strong thinking ability.

2.Yoga Increases Immunity

We are all part of this modern lifestyle, where we carry zero work-life balance. We are all busy running the race and eating junk food. Work till late and get up late in the morning.

All these habits affect our immune system and make it weak, which may cause further damage. Practising yoga on the daily basis is the rescue to this problem as it not only strengthens our immune system but also protects our body from being prey to several diseases.

Especially in situations like current time, when the whole world is fighting with COVID-19 and searching for ways to recover it. It is a must for everyone to practice yoga to stay healthy during pandemic your immunity but also helps in early recovery.

3. Yoga Helps In Weight Loss

Yoga Helps In Weight Loss
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We all desire for a perfect body structure. Some of us crave for a zero figure and some want a slim and fit body while others want to be tall and smart. And to fulfil it we are ready to do anything. Many people spend a lot of money on gyms and also hire personal trainers just to stay fit.

But we forget that yoga can do it all. Yoga helps you reduce weight without wasting so much money. Practising yoga on a daily basis can help you reduce weight. Also, there are some specific asanas like Sun Salutation and Kapalbhati Pranayama are Highly recommended for losing weight.

4.Yoga Provides Flexibility

Yoga provides flexibility to our body and leads to the formation of correct postures. It is very important to be incorrect postures irrespective of activities we perform and practising yoga helps in improving our body postures which also helps in the growth of the body in a proper manner. Therefore yoga is essential to be practised in life.

5. Yoga Helps In Stress Management

Yoga Helps In Stress Management
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In today’s era, we are living a very busy life where we are occupied with a number of things, we have huge ambitions and to fulfil those we work day and night and this leads to stress. When our mind does the mental exercises more than the ability and does not get time to relax it starts to stress out. Yoga enables you to control this. Yoga discharges physical as well as mental stress calms your mind and increases your thinking capacity.

6. Teaches Discipline In Life

Yoga is a combination of various yogic exercises with niyama and dharma and other limbs of yoga. It teaches us to be in discipline and give time to self. As all the practices in yoga have defined time, it also helps in building time management skills.

7.Yoga Improves Digestive System

Yoga Improves Digestive System
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Yoga is important in life as it strengthens every part of our body. As it provides immunity to our body it also improves our digestive system. There are various asanas which are required to be practised in the morning, before having food and after having food. If these are performed with proper rules and regulations it benefits Every part of the human body including the digestion process

8. Yoga Leads To Inner Peace

If there is peace there is happiness and peace is its own reward. It has been a principle of yoga as it helps in building peace in mind as it helps not only in physical but mental and spiritual development also.

It reflexes our mind and with meditation, you can experience great joy in life. As inner peace is very important for oneself as it leads to the world please and this can be achieved by practising yoga on a daily basis.

Yoga Leads To Inner Peace
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 Above mentioned are all the benefits of yoga due to which practising yoga is important in life to stay fit. Yoga is all about benefits, it’s like all gain and no pain. As it keeps you physically fit and healthy.

But yoga is not only important to stay fit, it is far beyond it. As yoga leads to physically as well as mental and spiritual development also.

If you learn to practice yoga, you start your journey yonder the distractions of the world towards inner peace and selfless love. As yoga is all about learning, it is not about how good you do it, instead, it’s all about being good to yourself. Yoga is far beyond the mat, anything you do with concentration to achieve something is yoga.

You live this life only once, but if you lead it the right way once is enough. The importance of yoga in life as it teaches self-love. Yoga is the journey of the self, through self towards self.

As yoga is important to stay fit in life. So keep practising yoga, through yoga keep discovering new paths as well as yourself and keep learning. As yoga is not just about touching your toes, it is also about what you learn on the way down.


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