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Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Broadway Shows in NYC in 2019!

Broadway Shows in NYC
Broadway Shows in NYC

New York City is incomplete without its spectacular Broadway scene. Some of the best Broadway Shows in NYC in 2019 will shock you while some others will surprise you. Are you ready to find out which of the best Broadway Shows 2019 in NYC to enjoy? The city attracts millions of people from across the world each year with its lively Broadway Shows. These depict the cultural side of NYC like nothing else can. Each season brings with it new Broadway Musicals and Shows as well as some revivals. Some of these go on to win glory at the awaited Tony Awards. How would you like to know about some of the best Broadway Shows in NYC to enjoy this year? Well then, keep reading!

Best Broadway Shows List NYC for 2019:

You can enjoy some of the best Broadway Shows of all time in NYC, one of the top US cities. Make an impromptu trip on last minute flights in case you cannot plan a vacation in advance. Do you like family-driven dramas? Would you rather watch a star-studded musical? Whatever your preference, the best Broadway Shows in NYC in 2019 will cover it all! Take a look at the awesome options listed below.

1. The Book of Mormon

At: Eugene O’Neill Theatre

Having won as many as 11 Tony Awards since the year 2011, this is among the best Broadway Shows of all time! This should be the top choice for you if you love satire, catchy music, and humorous songs. Enjoy a sublime blend of nasty and sweet as you’re taken through this remarkable tale of dissimilar Mormon evangelists in Uganda. Laugh your heart out at one of the best Broadway Shows in NYC!

2. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Two Parts)

At: Lyric Theatre

For die-hard Harry Potter fans, the world of wizardry has arrived in NYC Broadway scene! The plot picks up from where the Deathly Hallows movies left off. The story follows Harry’s inability to connect with his middle son and how things turn dark pretty quickly despite the support from family and friends. There are two parts to the popular Broadway Show and it’s best you book tickets for them both at the same time.

3. Hamilton

At: Richard Rodgers Theatre

How much do you really know about Founding Father Alexander Hamilton? Well, if the answer is not much, then this Broadway Show will tell you quite a bit about him. A diverse cast will take you through a musical journey into the past. Get a crash course on American history like never before when you visit NYC on business class flights. Even those who aren’t history enthusiasts will vouch for it being one of the best Broadway Shows in NYC.

4. Dear Evan Hansen

At: Music Box Theatre

Be warned, this isn’t a comedy. There’s captivating original music and some pretty serious acting in this high school drama. The plot revolves around a student who is suddenly thrust into the limelight-cum-social relevance following the suicide of a classmate. How the story unfolds, the plot twists, the shady side of the characters, and credible acting make this one of the best Broadway Shows to catch in NYC.

5. Waitress

At: Brooks Atkinson Theatre

So, there’s a lady who’s great at making pies. But that’s pretty much all she’s good at as she seemingly messes everything else up! She’s pregnant from her abusive, loud husband. Also, she’s now falling for her gynecologist! Are you curious enough to see the rest of it yet? Undoubtedly among the best Broadway Shows in NYC, this brilliant musical will leave you in splits throughout. Whether you go with a bunch of friends or by yourself, you’ll have a very good time.

6. Come from Away

At: Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

This is a heart-rending musical that tells of the events of the aftermath of 9/11 when about 38 flights were rerouted and forced to land at Gander, a small town in Newfoundland. Artfully weaving in sensitive topics like racism and human emotions, it’s among the best Broadway Shows in NYC to see in 2019. It will have you laughing, singing along, crying, and contemplating so many important things at the same time. Most importantly, it will restore a bit of that faith in humanity.

7. The Lion King

At: Minskoff Theatre

This is among the best Broadway Shows in NYC to watch with kids. A classic tale often described as ‘Hamlet with fur’, The Lion King tells the tale of love, tragic loss, and ultimate redemption. If you thought it couldn’t get better than the movie, you need to watch this! Everything from the performances and stage decorations to the dramatic soundtrack is impressive, to say the least. If you don’t have kids, watch the show for the sake of those precious childhood memories the story gave you.

        These are just a handful of the several best Broadway Shows in NYC to watch in 2019. When you book flights to USA for your NYC trip, make sure to include at least a couple of these fantastic shows in your itinerary. Experience firsthand the magic of Broadway in New York City!


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