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4 Things to Consider when Inspecting Truck Mounted Forklifts

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Forklift safety has come a long way in the past few decades with Inspecting Truck Mounted. Even though the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that there are still around 96,000 forklift accidents annually, yet a large majority of these are non-fatal. The designs of modern forklifts are based upon sound science and built with sturdier material than that which was used some decades ago. T

The best example of this is the Moffett truck mounted forklift which has not only furthered the safety dynamic of the forklift but has also improved business operations as a whole.

Yet, among the most effective safety practices to enhance safety standards in the material handling industry, there is none that can compete with the pre-operation inspection practice. It may come as a surprise to many people to learn that inspecting forklifts before use was not a common practice even by the end of the 20th century. However today there is hardly a professional material handling business that allows operators to drive forklifts without inspecting them first.

Let us take a look at some of the top factors you should consider when inspecting truck mounted forklifts in particular, since they have a distinct design and functionality.

**Look for Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is a common consequence of prolonged forklift use. It is considerably noticeable in older forklifts that are nearing their functional life. Your top priority during inspection of a truck mounted forklift should be notice signs of wear and tear and catch them early on. Not only will this allow smooth forklift operation but it will also allow you to cut down on repair costs that would have been incurred had you not taken action soon enough.

The most common signs of wear and tear include the appearance of cracks, fissures and rifts in any surface as well as sluggish movement of moving parts. It is essential to notice wear and tear when purchasing used Moffett forklift for sale since the longer a forklift has been in operation, the more likely it is to have greater wear and tear. However, the really good retailers such as Bobby Park Truck and Equipment do the inspection for you and notify you if there is a problem in the forklift you are planning to purchase.

**Focus on Lubrication

During inspection, pay special attention to the lift chains as well as all other parts that require lubrication. It is not uncommon for the lubricant to dry up and so the moving parts will begin to develop friction between them. This will in turn cause more heat to be produced and eventually the lift chain or any other moving part will break due to integral failure from overheating.

As such, notice lubrication levels closely when inspecting truck mounted forklifts and replenish the lubricant if need be. If you hear creaks and strains between the chain rungs while driving the forklift then stop it immediately because this is a definite sign the lubricant level is low.

**Inspect for Noises and Creaks

It’s always a good idea to start the forklift and listen to all the noises and sounds coming out of the truck. This is in fact, an important part of the inspection process that is often overlooked even when purchasing a used Moffett forklift. Experienced forklift operators will know how a normal functioning forklift will sound like so if you are unsure of what to listen for, take an experienced driver with you and make them listen. Often noise and creaks can be indicative of much bigger underlying problems.

**Inspect the Forklift Systematically

The best way to inspect the Moffett Truck Mounted forklift is to go about it systematically. So start at the most important place and then work your way backwards.

**Begin with Fork & Mast

The most important component of any forklift is the fork and the mast. These are responsible for the main function of the forklift; lifting and transporting the load. You need to start here and look for any cracks or bends in the forks. If the forks are even slightly bent out of shape, it could spell disaster and you need to replace them immediately.

**Move on to Lift Chains & Hydraulic Stabilizers

The lift chains and hydraulic stabilizers are important for Truck mounted forklifts since the former helps to lift the load whereas the latter helps to maintain balance. You should check the hydraulic fluid level and the rungs of the lift chains to ensure these components are working smoothly.

**Inspect the Driver’s Cabin Thoroughly

There are several important safety features inside a driver’s cabin including lights, indicators, seat belt and horn. It is crucial to check all of the electrical components and make sure they are working properly. Moreover, it is also advisable to check the measurement gauges to see if they display the correct reading.

These were just some of the things you should look for when inspecting Moffett truck-mounted forklifts. Be sure to consult a more experienced manager or driver in case of any confusion.

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