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7 tips on using door hanger marketing to boost your business

Door hanger marketing

Door hanger marketing is a very effective form of direct marketing for new and established businesses. If your business deals directly with consumers and is looking to promote itself to specific geographic areas, door hangers can be a very useful marketing strategy.

Where door hangers differ is that they are not lost in a pile of mails, but have to be physically removed from a door handle. This act provides an extra second or two for you to get direct attention of the potential customer.

Here are 7 tips which will help you design and use your door hanger marketing more effectively:

  1. Shape: Rather than the typical rectangle shape, use a shorter, rounded-edge door hanger, or consider having them cut in a shape that represents your company, or the product you are marketing. A unique shape tends to catch customers’ attention quicker.
  2. High-quality images: Since door hangers are held at arm’s length, they should be crystal clear in viewing. The images should be of high-quality to avoid any kind of blurriness or pixelation at all. Either of these can lead to a loss of interest of the person holding it. Door hanger printing allows you to design and add images to your door hangers according to your brand’s personality.
  3. Heavy stock: Online printing services provide with you with different kinds of stock quality according to your requirement. However, door hangers of cheap paper quality do not have sufficient weight. Hence are prone to be blown away by the wind. To avoid this, always choose comparatively heavier stocks. Good quality stocks go a long way in ensuring your door hangers hang right where they should.
  4. Clear message: Always remember that less is more. The message you want to convey to your customers should be clearly visible on your door hangers. You have only a matter of seconds to catch your customer’s attention. Whether it’s a question, a statement, a picture, or an offer, the design should be simple and convey the value that your product provides. Use bigger fonts and attractive colors to highlight them. You can increase your promotion’s effectiveness by using door hangers with a tear-off perforation that incites a direct response. This enables you to include a business card, coupon, membership card, or free pass. 
  5. Location: Always search for suitable locations and consider the risks before distributing your door hangers. Most people would not mind if they find someone distributing door hangers but there can always be people who say an outright no if asked. So being practical is very important. Apartment buildings and residential suburbs are some of the more obvious choices whereas public spaces like shopping centers or parks are less attractive.
  6. Hands-on-approach: Using door hangers requires them to be individually hanged on doors. Mere distribution may not work as effectively as this would. This can be done by paying someone trustworthy for the task. Otherwise, the person can carelessly roam around dumping them anywhere. For this, it is also important to target your sources or localities.
  7. Non-stop supply: You should keep sending your door hangers out. It is highly probable that they may not get noticed the first time. However, chances of being disregarded will be less the next time onwards. If you continually distribute door hangers, you not only give the customers every opportunity to learn about you, you also demonstrate that you aren’t some unprofessional service.

Online services California provides you with door hanger printing which let you design your door hangers in a unique style that will represent your brand’s personality. However, keeping these 7 tips will help you a lot in using your door hangers as an effective marketing tool.

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