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8 Tips How to Boost E-commerce Sales on Mobile Devices

Boost E-commerce Sales

Did you know more than half of the audience that is looking for something to shop online uses their smartphone and tablet? And many of you must be looking for the best way to Boost E-commerce Sales.

The problem is 46 percent of the top 50 retailers still do have a mobile responsive website. That means shoppers are zooming and pinching the screen of their devices to view items on a website properly.

If you are struggling with e-commerce sales on mobile devices, you need to make some changes. The audience you are targeting probably has Frontier packages for Internet and they are glued to their smartphones. You need to follow these tips to experience a

Did you know more than half of the audience that is looking for something to shop online uses their smartphone and tablet? And many of you must be looking for the best way to Boost E-commerce Sales.: –

#1: Keep Everything Simple

It’s always tricky to work on a small screen. Therefore, your number one goal should be to keep your website’s design simple. Even though you have a lot of content to display on your e-commerce website, you have to be picky. You must promote your products without cluttering the screen. The simpler it is, the easier it will be for users to shop.

#2: Use Larger Fonts

Never use small and intricate fonts on your e-commerce website. Use simple, bold, and large fonts. The best option is the Sans-Serif font. Say no to Times New Roman. The font will make a user read your copy. It will make the message simple and plain. However, it will only work if your copy is crisp and clear.

#3: Use Video Demonstrations

The audience we are targeting today loves videos. Marketing experts agree over the fact that video is one of those marketing tactics that can offer the best return on investment.

Websites that contain videos sell more. An average user spends 88% more time on pages containing videos. Plus, videos work like ads. Videos develop user interest and boost engagement.

Videos also resonate with people more. They are more likely to remember a thing watched than reading. Therefore, if you want to boost sales, then add videos on your website wherever possible.

#4: Use Hamburger Navigation Menus

The hamburger menu is a popular design trend. The three lines look like a hamburger. When a user clicks on it, it expands into a complete navigation menu.

It is time you remove that traditional header navigation from your website. It will also simplify the screen. When adding the hamburger menu, make sure it is obvious and easy to tap into.

Those who have a lot of categories and products can use the expanded menu. It takes up less space.

#5: Create Interest-Grabbing CTA Buttons

CTA buttons are as important as they used to be. They play a significant role in generating conversions. Even though they are so important, small and large business owners both forget to optimize the CTA buttons on their e-commerce websites.

Wait, just having a CTA button is not enough. You have to choose the right size and style. Plus, the placement also matters. It must be mobile-friendly as well. Only then you will persuade the shopper to make a purchase by hitting this one-click button.

#6: Send Push Notifications

Just having an e-commerce website alone will not do it. Sales won’t occur on autopilot. You need to promote yourself and re-engage with existing customers. There is no better way to do that than using push notifications. These are pop-up messages that you send on the mobile devices of users through your mobile app.

There is no time limitation. You can send them any time. The user doesn’t necessarily have to be in the app to receive them. Therefore, it could be used as a selling re-engagement strategy. Push notification increases interaction and conversation. A user gets to open your app and click to make a purchase.

When you are using push notifications, just be sure you don’t send them too often. Otherwise, you will just irritate the user.

#7: Work on Your Site’s Speed

Users are anxious and impatient. Ask yourself, would you like to stay on a website that is slow? Not really, right? The speed of your website could be the reason why they are not staying to make a purchase.

There are tons of tools that can be used for improving the speed and performance of your website. You will have to compress the photos and videos to make sure they don’t reduce the loading speed of your website.

#8: Use Location-Based Advertising

E-commerce website owners need to make the most out of Location-Based Advertising (LBA) if they are struggling with conversions. It lets you vary your marketing messages according to your target market. You can tailor-fit your message on the based on the weather, location, public/private transportation rules, etc.

53 percent of consumers respond to location-based ads. These ads can increase your revenue by 5 percent as well. LBA lets you boost sales by knowing your customer’s location and how they behave. You use this information to advertise products in a way they could relate. In other words, you are targeting them according to their interests and preferences.

Start following these tips and you will see a boost in your sales soon. Your products might become as selling as the Frontier Internet packages if you stick with a strategy.

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