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Best Employee Monitoring Software to Manage Small Business


A good number of businesses feel insecure nowadays. The reason is none other than their employees and the workers. In recent years, it has been noticed the employees are involved in data hacking and information stealing acts. This has worried the small business owners and they start using Employee Monitoring Software. So now they want to protect their business by tracking the employees.

But for this, they will need a good and very reliable employee monitoring software. It is not easy to find the best app for this purpose. However, we have made it easy for businesses and employers. They can use our quoted app without any worries and it will bring them the best results.

BlurSPY- The Best Business Monitoring App

The app we are talking about is BlurSPY app. It is the ideal employee monitoring software in modern time. This app has been rated as the best solution to keep a check on the staff when they are at the workplace. With this software, employers can protect their data, information as well as customer details. It should be noted, BlurSPY app provides the small businesses with all the necessary features to track their staff.

The reason why BlurSPY Android spy app is so popular and has become the only choice of everyone at a low price. It is the most affordable spy tool in the market. It works in the background so you will not be worried about privacy issues. Moreover, BlurSPY has amazing performance. The user interface is really simple.

Features of BlurSPY for Employee Tracking

Features of any software can make or break it. But when it comes to BlurSPY, it has all the best and the advanced tracking options. If you are a small business owner, this app will provide you with a great deal of help to manage your business. Some of the best features of BlurSPY which can be used for business protection are given below.

Call Monitoring

This is the first feature of BlurSPY app which you can use to track the call activities of your staff. It is really important to monitor phone calls, record them and intercept live calls for business security. BlurSPY does it in the best way and will always keep your data secure. You employees will always be under your supervision and cannot do anything wrong.

Location Tracking

If your workers hide their live GPS locations and whereabouts, this feature is to catch them red-handed. Just install the app on their phones and ask them where they have been. If they lie to you, just show them the real places they have been visiting that BlurSPY app will capture. It is an easy way to keep eyes on the whereabouts of staff.

Checking Browsing History

Your employees may be wasting time by watching videos, using social media and doing other irrelevant stuff. It also reduces their productivity which causes a loss for the business. Now you can check what they do when they are in office. They will not be able to waste their time anymore otherwise they will be fired. You can catch then red-handed by using BlurSPY app.

Multimedia Management

When it comes to business security and management, multimedia is of great importance. Some workers steal data, images, files and documents that they keep on their phones and gadgets. So employers can find out if they are keeping the business information on their phones. BlurSPY also tracks multimedia like images, files, audio and videos.

Tracking Social Media

Many employees waste time at the office by using social sites. 40% of Workers have admitted doing irrelevant stuff when they are at the workplace. This kind of things is damaging small businesses. So employers must see what the workers do. BlurSPY will provide help in this regard by keeping eyes on their social media activities. They will always remain under vigilance.

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