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Exhibition Stall Design Ideas – 8 Innovative Ways to Attract Visitors at your Stand


The main fundamental that is involved here is in the decision of yours to showcase the company along with its products as well as the services and this is the most crucial part involved with exhibiting and exhibition Stall Design Ideas.

You need to put up a display that will be speaking about the niche of business you are following. You will want to take part in an exhibition that will be attracting your potential customers.

Another important choice when picking an event will be its location, the cost of transporting yourself, staff, best exhibition stands and exhibition furniture such as lecterns and display counters may not be feasible in terms of hiring vans for transport.


Finding the most appropriate event that is in close proximity to your business base is ideal with the ultimate exhibition Stall Design Ideas.

Promote your Attendance

Prior to the exhibition UK, it’s an excellent idea to promote your attendance to them as wide and relevant audience as possible.

In previous years this just meant sending out letters and emails to existing customers, but in modern-day social internet sites such as Twitter are a brilliant promotional tool. Social internet sites allow you to reach a massive audience with a minimum amount of effort.

Exhibition Stands

The best exhibition stands will help you give off an authoritative presence and stand out from other exhibitors and will probably be your largest exhibiting expense. There are many types of display stands to choose from, depending on their job and your budget.

Modular exhibition stands are a fantastic addition to any space, they can be used to form a very impressive backdrop for the rest of your displays and products.

The modular system is constructed from a light metal framework; it is adaptable for any space and easily transportable and constructed.

Pop-up banners and banner stands are a cheaper choice for displaying your graphics, but none the less still an attractive option. They are a great way of catching the eye of potential customers and event attendees.

Exhibition Furniture

There is a wide range of exhibition furniture to choose from and if used correctly can help with the overall functionality of your exhibit space followed up from exhibition Stall Design Ideas.

It’s very important to only choose the exhibition furniture you need; you don’t want a clogged space and should be considered under the best exhibition stand ideas.

You should leave enough room around your exhibition displays for people to comfortably browse and view your products.

Lecterns are a great piece of exhibition furniture if you plan to do any sort of product demonstration or public talk.

Simply standing with papers whilst talking will look scruffy and unprofessional. Portable lecterns are available which are both cost-effective and easily transportable.

Display counters can be used to display your products, or just simply as a reception counter to greet visitors. As with lecterns, a portable display counter is an available option.


Training Your Staff

Before the event, you should have your staff well versed in all the important information regarding your product, ideally in good time before the event.

Preparing a list of information for them to remember is a good idea. Another great way to attract people to your exhibition stand is having staff located at busy hubs at the show, handing out leaflets promoting your business’s presence.

Digital Photography Exhibition Stand

You will have to attract people inclining them to click photos with some funny backgrounds of that of a red carpet or a beach, and the backdrop will bear the name of the organization with the help of digital photography stand.

You need to set-up pictures that would be serving well as tools for promotions. Attach an LCD to the computer to display the photos being taken to inform other visitors of the activity, which could motivate them to join the activity too.

Small Conference Area

Within the exhibition booth in itself, why not set up miniature or smaller conference areas as this is where discussions can be carried on with that of serious customers who would help in a lot in finalizing business deals.

Incorporate Social Media

While streaming in from the fans as well as the followers of the event, you will have to display live posts from Facebook as well as the tweets. This way you will be able to create some better interactions that would be there within the event.

To make sure you have a lot of parallel activity in social networking sites, make sure your blogs, webinars and online publicity announce the time and dates of the event.

Live to a Stream of Event Videos

You can now take the activities for your business promotions into a completely different level with the use of the services of webcasting for the live streaming of the videos while participating in exhibition events in UK.

You can make the event coverage interesting by including interviews of visitors and your staff, discussions about the new products being promoted and product demonstrations.


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