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A Sculpture of Ganesh made with recycled art

Sculpture of Ganesh

Have you ever imagined what would a sculpture of Ganesha will look like if it was made out of broken metal pieces and pure unadulterated passion? This is what it would look like. This art sculpture was designed by Mr. Pinaki Ranjan Saha who by his very being is an artistic genius. Mr. Pinaki Ranjan Saha is the director of New Dimensions, a firm that deals with environmental branding and Hub Kreatives a digital marketing firm based out of Delhi. He came up with this idea of making a sculpture of Lord Ganesh out of recycled materials to send a message among the people to be more eco-friendly in their day to day lives.

The whole idea from conception to completion was under the careful hands of Mr. Pinaki Ranjan Saha and his team who went and gathered different discarded parts and pieces like exhaust pipes to be purposed into Ganesh Ji’s trunk, some kadhai that was very well used by its owners to be used as his belly, a broken disc petal to become his halo and broken shock absorbers to be used as his arms.

Even Ganesh Ji’s ride was mushak was designed out of oil keeping utensils. Ganesh Ji’s ears were created out of a tawa that was covered with soot. All of these parts were nothing more than scrap metal before they were spotted by Mr. Pinaki Ranjan Saha’s eyes. What he saw wasn’t just pieces of scrap metal but instead the building blocks of something unique and innovative. So he gathered these parts, welded them and started creating a modern and contemporary piece of art.

A huge sculpture came into being out of these broken pieces that made everyone who saw it be in awe of it. It was put up for display to the public in IP extension in Delhi where the sculpture was awarded best sculpture twice in a row.

One has to imagine what Ganesh Ji might have thought looking at this beautiful sculpture of himself and his mushak. These days when people are becoming more aware of the threat of Global Warming and pollution, these eco-friendly sculptures are a breath of fresh air. It should be mentioned that no even a tiny piece of plastic was used in the making of these sculptures as Mr. Pinaki Ranjan Saha is against using plastics and has always been against it for years. One of the showstopper was the paints that were used to give these sculptures their sheen and shine.

The paints used were eco-friendly and even turpentine oil was also borrowed. The whole sculpture was designed from the ground up with the goal of not buying anything new but instead of using whatever they can and borrowing what they can’t. The entire structure took almost a month to put together and is going to be put in a museum to be displayed to the public for years to come. Other sculptures that were designed included a sculpture of Durga killing the asura which used discarded tin canisters that were moulded into her hair and saari while the chest of asura was created by using a discarded petrol tank of a motorcycle. There was also a sculpture of Lakshmi that had her hair made with motorcycle chains.

The tent that was used to provide the cover to these sculptures was decorated with broken glass bottles and old light bulbs.

The future as imagined by Mr. Pinaki Ranjan Saha is to create more art sculptures like these for different customers who would like to put them up in their space. I can actually see people buying these sculptures to put them up in their reception area.

This artistic statue was designed with a message in mind. The message it displays perfectly, that we really need to wake up now to the threat of pollution that’s looming over the heads of the coming generation. We as a generation need to come together and change our perspective towards the way we see the world around us. Of course that includes what we consider art as well.

This sculpture and others like it are part of the new era of art. An era of art that is modern and transcending in its conception and its outlook. Art has always been about idealism and transcending. Giving purpose to man and happiness to his soul. Mr. Pinaki Ranjan Saha seems to believe in that view of the world too. He’s a man driven by the purpose of “Spreading Happiness”. Something he has worked very hard upon as any self-made man would have to.

If you are interested in knowing more about these sculptures or want to buy one for your home or your organization to make a statement please do get in touch with Hub Kreatives or New Dimensions and get one made just for you. 


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