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5 Advantages Of Inbound Marketing In The Financial Sector

Advantages Of Inbound Marketing

The way in which consumers access financial products or services has changed and this is thanks to the internet. If before banking or finance companies were the most reluctant to enter the digital competition, today they need to be using social media and other online platforms to market themselves which means you to understand the Advantages Of Inbound Marketing

Users of digital services have already lost their fear of online transactions and are looking for financial services products and/or platforms that are safe, fast, and easy to use.

If you are dedicated to the commercialization of financial products or services, you will know by now that in order to reach your end customers it is necessary to apply financial digital marketing strategies.

What is financial digital marketing?

In simple terms, financial digital marketing is marketing applied to the sector in different channels such as social networks, platforms, apps, and organic positioning. 

Digital marketing can be based on different methodologies. In this article, we will talk in particular about Inbound Marketing due to its proven effectiveness in the sector.

What is Inbound Marketing and how does it work for the financial sector?

Inbound Marketing is an internet sales methodology that consists of a series of practices that have the mission of attracting, interacting, and delighting potential prospects and customers of a business.

These practices are intended to generate trust, credibility and motivate the closing of sales through different digital channels that follow up on qualified contacts that meet the buyer profile of each product or service.

Inbound Marketing builds on the purchase path and through different techniques accompanies lead nurturing prospects are looking for a particular financial service until they are decided by a company that provides the same service.

Unlike traditional marketing, Inbound is focused on finding prospects that meet the target of a business and who are already on their purchase route. Another notable distinction is that Inbound Marketing is designed for the market for tough decisions like buying real estate or choosing a college.

Consumers in these sectors and those in financial services do not make a decision overnight and a series of commercial and interaction practices are required (email, social networks, blog content) that allow them to decide on the best products to meet your needs.

In this blog, we have talked about what Inbound Marketing consists of and its different applications. This methodology has helped in different industries such as the real estate or educational industry.

For the financial sector, Inbound offers solutions for companies that need to reach better prospects, close sales, and streamline their advertising budgets, all in a measurable and improbable way .

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Advantages Of Inbound Marketing strategies in financial companies

1. Your website becomes a sales site

  • One of the goals of Inbound Marketing is to make your business website one of your main sales forces.
  • On your website, you can control the entire experience for the attraction and conversions of qualified prospects that your sales team has the opportunity to make them customers.
  • By optimizing your website for sale, it is possible to integrate elements such as the personalization of each visitor’s experience according to their characteristics and interactions with the site, openings of marketing emails, and if they belong to your CRM lists .

2. Higher return on investment of your advertising budget

  • Why invest in digital presence when you can take advantage of your budget to sell more?
  • With the Inbound approach applied to Pay Per Click campaigns it is possible to better invest your advertising budget.
  • This methodology takes into account the dissemination of content pieces for your specific prospects , which allows a better qualification of them and detect the stage in which they are within the purchase route.
  • In the same way, by monitoring and updating the segmented audiences for your campaigns it is possible to improve the results and reduce the cost per closed customer.
  • In the financial market, there are many types of clients and they have different needs. Thanks to Inbound it is possible to capture them through intelligent segmentation that takes into account the lowest cost for each prospect generated.

3. Higher-rated prospects and higher sales

  • It is possible that you have gone through this situation:  your digital campaigns work , leads are generated and they are channeled to your sales team for their closure but … sales fall.
  • In the end, it turns out that your prospect was not ready to buy and was not even your market.
  • However, your team has already invested time and resources to explore the possibility of a sale.
  • This happens when your campaigns are too general and don’t resort to smart targeting strategies. It is important that your prospects are qualified.
  • Your marketing and sales team also need to work together and the departmental exchange of information about prospects should always be efficient.
  • In addition to constantly optimizing the advertising budget as explained above, Inbound Marketing also encourages your sales team and your marketing team to work together and better qualify prospects for better (and faster) closings.

4. Change of business culture with a focus on digital sales

  • The reluctance of many companies to focus on digital channels for lead generation has proven counterproductive.
  • The market requests the enabling of these means to resolve doubts, find out more information about products or services and carry out purchase transactions.
  • In the financial sector, it is essential that the user is provided with all the facilities to communicate and interact on the status of their product or service.
  • The scanning company is not an expense, but it can be the investment that you need to increase your competitiveness and allow your business the transition to digital sales model.

5. Convert clients into promoters

  • Inbound Marketing is a methodology that you can meet your prospects and offer them customized attention that allows them to make purchasing decisions.
  • It is important to mention that in the case of financial services companies, they depend on the quality of their products and their customer service.
  • No inbound strategy can help a company without a digital culture in place and proven products and services to deliver satisfaction.
  • But once this quality is achieved, Inbound Marketing allows you to provide your customers with the after-sales service they need.

How to do it?

  • With a chatbot strategy and attention through social networks focused on sales. 
  • An after-sales service that allows your customers to resolve any concerns and motivates them to buyback. 
  • Quality in the interactions in the different channels of your brand. 
  • Study the way in which prospects interact with your business and from there define the best sales strategies.
  • Hiring an expert digital marketing company can help to manage your campaigns with best digital techniques and this will help to improve your digital presence and traffic, and attract more sales.

Satisfied customers bring in new customers. Reaching this maximum is possible with after-sales service.

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