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Are we safe from Corona or entering the Third wave of Corona in India?

Third wave of Corona


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Recent predictions have been made that the third wave of Corona in India will be less severe than seconds, but it can pick up its speed anytime between October and November. India received over 30,256 COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) scientist has suggested that many states have started witnessing an increase in cases, so they should analyze the situation and prepare local information for the third wave of Corona and restrict virus spread. 

IIT Kanpur professor – Manindra Agrawal has predicted that the other wave or third wave of Coronavirus depends on the evolution of a more infectious strain. The professor is a team expert who accurately predicted the peak of the second wave in India. 

In the past few weeks, southern states such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka have recorded the highest number of Corona cases.

When we are discussing the third wave of corona we need to carry in thoughts about the pandemic situation in India that have started from the beginning of the Pandemic, many states have seen a different expansion in cases and furthermore, an area inside states has seen a heterogeneous rise. If the third wave of Corona came and we didn’t prevent its transmissions would come in different variations in different states said by Dr. Samiran Panda, Leader of epidemiology and infectious diseases at the ICMR. 

Various populations in our country are still uninfected. The virus will behave differently in states because the third wave will be contingent on how many people remain uninfected or how many people have immunity due to natural infection or vaccination. 

According to the weekly epidemiological report of the World Health Organization (WHO) published on Tuesday, in the South East Asia Region is affected, the highest number of cases are reported from India. World Wide India is just behind the USA in the highest number of cases.

Central government-backed SUTRA model; a mathematical structure is designed to track the Covid – 19 pandemic progressions in India. The prediction has been made that the third wave of Corona will come in September by considering mutant variants, increasing cases, and vaccination numbers.

The India Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur scientist presents simulations for India’s various districts and states. In the upcoming months, the cases are increases one lakh per day with mutant coronavirus strains, as the recent prediction has made.

Status Quo is when no new variant comes and the new variant is 50% more transmissible variant comes by September. As possible see, the best scenario with a few semblances of 1/3 wave is New Variant one for epsilon is identical to 1/33. The new case of Covid is increased up to 1 lakh each day – he said”.

Meanwhile, the Central government mentioned that India is still suffering from the second wave as we have not seen the end of the second wave in the country. The overall number of cases is reduced, but the possibilities are still increasing in other parts of the country. 

In India the complete infection tally increases up to 33,478,419 by WorldOMeter, however, the number of active cases dipped to 3,18,181.

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Corona Third Wave may be Less Severe:

60% of India’s population support seropositivity according to the ICMR report. However, there’s a current spike in cases near 45000 per day. Therefore, the opportunity of the third wave of Corona although cannot be fully dominated out, however, is possible to be much less severe,” Dr. Manoj Goel, Director, Pulmonology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute.

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