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The lucrative benefits of virtual cloud phones for your business

benefits of virtual cloud phones

An effective communication system is imperative for a company’s success. For effective communication you need to understand the benefits of virtual cloud phones, the selection of the right communication system is equally important. There are various options for selecting the right communication channel. 

A virtual Cloud Phone system can be one of the best options for your business. Unlike the traditional phone system, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to communicate over the internet. It converts the voice signal into a digital signal and transfers it through the internet.

Setting up the virtual cloud phone is simple and easy and only requires a good internet and a device to run softphone apps like smartphones, tablets, or computers. With a virtual cloud phone, you can reach your customers through every channel they enjoy.

The business can also communicate seamlessly since the teams are all in one location. By utilizing analytics, you can extract even more business and customer intelligence. Most businesses nowadays are using a virtual cloud phone system for office communications.

Your business can benefit from a VoIP business communication system in many ways. But before jumping directly to the lucrative benefits of virtual cloud phones for your business, let’s learn what a virtual cloud phone system truly is and how it works.

What is Virtual Cloud Phone System?

A virtual cloud phone system is a modern phone system that uses the internet to transfer voice signals. It converts the audio signals into digital IP packets and then transfers them through the internet.

Unlike the traditional phone system, you can also transfer multimedia content with this system. It allows you to make calls from your smartphone, computer, tablet, and VoIP phones. With cloud phone services, you can access powerful features that aren’t available with standard phone services.

There are many features, such as the predictive dialer, automatic attendants, call recording, simultaneous calls, custom caller ID, predictive dialer, and many more. Just like any other digital data, voice packets in VoIP calls travel online just like email messages or documents uploaded to your favorite cloud storage service.

Virtual cloud phone system works very similarly to regular phones, but the defining difference is that it uses the internet to transfer the signal, whereas regular phones use the wire.

What is Virtual Cloud Phone System

An analog voice signal is converted into a digital signal by this modern office phone. Once a VoIP system receives the data, it is broken up into information packets. These packets are then assigned destinations. Afterward, your broadband router receives the transformed data.

Upon receiving that data, the router finds the shortest route to its destination. To optimize the final route, the packet may pass through different routers. After reaching its destination, the packet passes through different routers once again. 

The VoIP phone then arranges the packets in the correct order based on the addresses within each packet. Last but not least, the call recipient receives the data as a recognizable speech. The VoIP server enables you to use this office phone with multiple telephone networks. There is no limit to the number of VoIP phone numbers you can have per dial-up line with VoIP systems.

With this feature, you will simultaneously receive and manage multiple accounts with different VoIP numbers from the same VoIP device.

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Benefits of Virtual Cloud Phones System?

Cloud telephony for businesses is a concept that may seem controversial to some people. These people believe cloud telephony is only for big businesses. Traditional phones are also considered by many to be a better alternative for business communication. But reality tells a different story. Let’s discuss some benefits of virtual cloud phone systems for business.


The virtual cloud phone system is the modern phone system that uses the internet to transfer voice signals. Hence, setting up the cloud phone system just requires a good internet connection and a mobile/computer system.

With cloud phone systems, you are not just limited to calling but rather can use many other features like interactive Voice Response (IVR), audio conferencing, call transfer, intelligent call routing, auto attendant, call queuing, predictive dialer, call masking, etc. You don’t need any expertise operator to use cloud phone services, which provide maximum convenience.


Small businesses and startups especially benefit from cloud phone services, given that growth is an inevitable factor but also unpredictable. Within a short period of time, they can grow dramatically. Therefore, more telephones would be needed in the office.

Your company’s growth is not a concern when using cloud phone services. You can always scale up or scale down as the need arises. If you need extra extensions for your business, you can add them. If you don’t need them, you can deactivate them.


Mobility is one of the great advantages for most businesses. With a cloud phone system, you’ll be able to access your office phone through the internet if you have access to it. Phone systems traditionally lack mobility because they are tied to office infrastructure.

If you move an employee or plan to move your office, you won’t only be without a phone system during the transition, but you’ll also be charged expensive setup fees.

Virtual cloud phones will continue to be in high demand as the number of remote employees grows. The flexibility and mobility of VoIP offer benefits to your organization even if you do not plan on hiring remote workers.

An office’s ability to seamlessly resume operations regardless of a natural disaster, pandemic, or any other incident that prevents people from getting to the office cannot be underestimated. You can do more with a virtual cloud phone system.


A cloud phone system is always online since it is located online in the cloud. Your phone system will also benefit from the reliability and redundancy of the cloud. The cloud lets you stay in contact with your customers, clients, and employees regardless of extreme weather conditions or other issues that may prevent your office from being accessed.

With a virtual cloud phone system, you can be assured that your phone will be operated whenever you need them to do. Even in an unexpected Internet outage, you can still continue operating your virtual cloud phone system. With a virtual cloud phone, you can automatically forward call to your mobile phone, preventing downtime.


Smaller companies need to reduce their operating costs as much as possible. As with traditional telephony, upfront costs and ongoing costs are usually associated with it. Since cloud phone systems do not require any hardware to be installed, no wiring to do, or any personnel or space to install, they are often less expensive upfront. 

This makes your telephone system scalable and a more cost-effective option than traditional landlines. Plus, cloud VoIP service providers often offer pay-as-you-go plans, which are appealing to small businesses.

Because VoIP providers can implement standardized VoIP solutions, their costs can be kept low. If your company has unique telecommunications needs, you are able to ask your VoIP provider to construct a solution tailored to you specifically.

Improved Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is an important factor in company success. With the increase in online and global competition, businesses increasingly have to differentiate themselves through customer service. No matter how big or small your business is, you must apply the same techniques. The most important thing is that you provide exceptional service.

Improved Customer Service

Customers often reach out to a business representative as one of their first interactions. They expect a swift and responsive response. Using VoIP, your support teams will have instant access to anyone who is available right away. Shortening wait times for your customers can be achieved by increasing employee availability.

Callers are guided to the department they require with features such as the automatic receptionist. Agents can now acquire customer information using this added feature without requesting it personally. Traditional landlines do not offer many of the features offered by VoIP systems. Virtual cloud phone provides high-quality calls that allow businesses to connect with customers easily.

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Improved Productivity

A virtual cloud phone system helps you to improve your office productivity. It greatly impacts business communication and gives you much-needed voice clarity. In comparison to traditional phone conversations, this virtual connection is much more reliable. It is also continuously improving. 

Disturbed communication between business partners was disrupted due to the distorted calls. Dropped calls and lagging transmissions no longer plague business communication.

By minimizing the effort required in managing communications, VoIP has helped businesses improve productivity. Automating every task allows employees to focus on other core aspects of the business, and this is conducive to a more productive workplace.

Final Thoughts

Increasingly, businesses are turning to cloud-based solutions for telephony rather than on-premise systems. Businesses typically decide between the two options based on reliability, price, and business needs. 

However, virtual cloud phone systems are the better choice. It allows you to make and receive calls as well as send and receive data, and all they require is a reliable internet connection.  Communication at low cost, optimum voice quality, and uninterrupted business interactions make it an affordable and lucrative option for businesses.

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