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9 Reasons Why You Should Play Fantasy Football on Ungligames

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football has blown up to massive proportions in India. Football was accepted by Indians very quickly since India has always had a rich culture of football.

Sides like Mohun Bagan have had a cult following ever since they were founded and the introduction of new leagues like ISL and all the big names they signed has boosted India’s fantasy football stock.

In older times, the only way to interact with a sport was the typical offline way where you go to the ground and indulge yourself by actually playing it.

Watching sports always inspires us to emulate what is happening on the screen and playing it was the best way until the internet boom.

After the said boom there was a lot of innovation and changes in the life of a common Indian man. 

The content-consuming Indian was suddenly open to a plethora of ideas and acceptance rates for new services and technologies grew higher than ever before.

When fantasy sports launched Indians were apprehensive about it but the user base of 90 million Indians in 2019 have indicated the place fantasy sports hold in the consumer’s hearts with India being a sports-obsessed country.

Fantasy football gives India a unique way to interact with football at a virtual level. Now players don’t just watch the match, but also play with their favorite players. They watch the match and often feel they could have guessed who is going to play well and who won’t. 

These platforms came in and asked the people to put the money where their mouth is, putting in a mere Rs.50 to win a life-changing sum of Rs.1 crore was always going to be lucrative to the average joe.

In terms of sports and money, the illegal betting market was the go-to place to wager money but since it was unregulated a lot of people started making smart decisions and switched to playing fantasy sports for money.

Adding an element of skill was the missing cog and once the online fantasy sports operators found that it was just about giving the public a taste of this product.

Fantasy football has reached new heights and massive viewership numbers with EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 being watched by  Indians throughout the country.

Playing with friends was another major appeal as the need to one-up someone in an immediate group is a feeling second to none. 

Playing for bragging rights and not so much for money, playing against friends is a different dynamic altogether. 

A lot of operators in India have been providing the platform to a lot of Indians to play fantasy football but their services have grown stagnant and people have become educated enough to ask for exemplary services and a little personalized touch along with new exciting formats.

Just when you thought all of this a lost cause and gave up hope! *Ungligames has entered the chat*


How Ungligames has changed how Indians play fantasy football:

  • The fastest and smoothest app experience 

Ungligames has the fastest rendering speed which helps you play contests for real money at places where your data is not the fastest, they have made the app really light and fast for the sole reason that there are data connectivity issues and we want to include every one of you.

Also, the interface is very easily navigable with everything clearly visible and on the same screen which helps in clearing all confusion out. 

So much so, my father is who is very technologically challenged does not need my help with anything when it comes to this app.

  • Best Welcome bonus on sign up

Ungligames is giving you the best sign-up bonus hamper out there for a limited time so hurry up! They are crediting every new account made right now with 13 free tickets and a bonus of Rs.500. 

Go on and try their games out by downloading the Ungligames android apk.

  • Daily log in bonus

You can get tickets worth Re 1 to Rs.10 and also some real cash bonus on the Ungligames app to kickstart your fantasy football career and get filthy rich! 

Winning tonnes of money is much easier when you get the means to win it from the app itself! Am I right?

  • Withdrawals start from Rs.10

In the 20th century which app is willing to do this to make you believe how safe and legal the platform is? NOONE right? That is how amazing the Ungligames app is.

If you have completed your KYC and are a verified user, in that case, the withdrawal hits your bank account within minutes and yes it is as jaw-dropping for us as it is for you.

  • Lowest entry fee

Ungligames run contests with the lowest entry fees in India which start from an entry of Re 1. 

These low buy-in contests help to get the players familiar with how playing fantasy football works and also keep their interest built in the game because cash prizes are on the line. 

  • The most innovative play to fantasy football

Rank Fantasy – a fantasy football variant, where you get to go beyond the usual Captain/ Vice-captain approach of making teams and score points on each player by ranking them in order of how you think they will perform to win real cash rewards.

In Fatafat Fantasy you can really cut the chase as you already have  4 pre-created teams curated by the Ungligames experts. 

You just have to choose how much money you want to invest in the team of your liking and win up to 10x. 

All of this takes about 2 minutes that is why it is called the fastest fantasy football variant in India.

  • Play every real money game on one app

Ungligames is the only app in India to have all the different types of real money games available to the public on one app. 

It has fantasy sports, poker, call break, and rummy all in one. You don’t have to switch apps to find these platforms and can play any game you want with just one click.

  • Play with your friends

With the newly launched club feature, you can play with up to 5 friends for zero cost and compete with them for the prizes you decide.

We’ll help you decide the prize. Why not play for a treat at Pizza Hut and use your superior football fantasy skills to win a delicious meal for one.

If you have a bigger group of friends and want to pay a flat fee to play with them, then you can download the Ungligames app to check out the plans tailor-made for you.

  • Personalized customer service

A lot of other platforms have chatbots and toll-free numbers that connect only if you sit in the morning and wait for 3 hours.

Ungligames does not believe a service like this can actually help customers, so once you drop us a mail and we connect with you, you can msg the same person for any query or issue and develop a rapport with them.

We will cater to all your needs and wants. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? PLAY NOW!

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