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Complaint against Vir Das for his Video – “2 India”

Complaint against Vir Das

The video of Bollywood actor and comedian Vir Das has become entirely streaming on social media platforms. He is being trolled very brutally because of his controversial monologue in America. The people are expressing their hate towards him through trolling him on social media, and not only people but also famous Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut also hated this video. The FIR Complaint against Vir Dasis filed against Vir das in Mumbai and Delhi.   

What is the Actual Matter Behind Complaint against Vir Das?

Vir das is currently in America; actually, he is performed at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington DC. He uploads a video of his performance on YouTube, and the title is “I came from Two India’s.” In this video, he spoke about India’s issues at present, such as Covid situations and rape incidents. He also shares the works of farmers. But people’s anger on social media has risen due to particular comments of Vir Da due to all these problems being started for him. Similarly, the statement of Vir das is also considered as ‘anti-national, and it was said that he insulted India in America.

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Where We Worship Women in Day, Gang Rape in Night –

In part of the video, Vir das said that – I am from India, where we worship women in the day and gang-raped at night. By seeing protests and files against him, Vir Das shared a tweet from his Twitter account and writes – ‘The video has no intention to harm the reputation of India, and it is just satire about the two aspects of India like any other country. There is darkness and light; good and evil exist. Nothing is secret. This video appeals to people to never forget that we are great and stop focusing on what makes us so popular.

He also wrote that’ It ends with booming applause filled with nationalism for the India that we all love, proud and believe. There is more to our country than headlines and enhancing the beauty, and that is the beauty of video and the reason behind clapping. Comedian Vir Das says that the audience cheers for India with hope rather than ‘hatred.’ He appeals to his fans that don’t be misled by these small edited video clips. 

In the video, he also raises a part of society and speaks about PM Care’s fund. He says, “I from India where we always get information, care for PM, but we can’t see to get any information on PM cares.”

Plead From Fans – Don’t Be Fooled

Vir das said that please don’t be fooled with minor edits of the clip. The audience will cheer for India with hope not or hate. You can’t sell tickets, get clap or show great people with negativity—all applause we receive only with pride. I am proud of my country, and I will take this pride around the world. For me, people from all over the globe give a cheer for India with just pure love. I asked you the same question from the audience – focus on light, ours to remember with greatness and spread love.

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