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Busting The Common Myths About Naturopathic Medicine


Have you heard about the effectiveness of naturopathic medicine? Looking for a professional and experienced naturopathic doctor in Bend, Oregon? But still, have some doubts about the treatment process? Then you are not alone! Many people have wrong notions about naturopathy and naturopathic treatments. So let us bust some of the common myths that are hiding the benefits of this healing health care alternative.

Myth #1 – Naturopathic Medicine is not science-based.

Naturopathy is not any magic! Naturopathic medicine is based on scientific research. This healing method involves seeking the actual symptoms and dysfunction within the body and mind due to any disturbances in health. Determinants here include clean water, clean air, nutritional factors, exercise, movement, sleep, relationship/community, good posture, and much more. A naturopathic doctor works on correcting these underlying imbalances within the body and mind of the patients. The entire healing procedure is based on physiology, biochemistry, and anatomy!

Naturopathic doctors also make use of botanical medicines, clinical nutrition as well as physical medicines to treat patients. Moreover, the basis of naturopathic medicine lies in the prevention and treatment of the basic causes of illness through lifestyle changes that include a healthy diet plan, physical activities, tobacco avoidance and reduction of different other risks.

Myth #2–Naturopathic medicine opposes Conventional medicine.

One of the most prevalent misconceptions regarding naturopathic medicine is that naturopathic doctors oppose the use of conventional medicine and advise their patients to give up traditional health care. But that is not true at all! Naturopathic doctors realize the need of utilizing collaborative care – there is a time and place for everything – complex diagnostic imaging, pharmaceuticals, and surgery absolutely have their time and place.

In reality, naturopathic medicine is often termed as integrative as it can be easily integrated with conventional medicine to improve its efficiency and maximize the health of the patients.

Myth #3 – Naturopathic Doctors Do Not Need Much Training.

People often think that a naturopathic doctor needs little to no training as compared to conventional doctors. However, the truth is that a naturopathic doctor undergoes complete training by attending a four year and full-time accredited medical school. Just like a conventional medical doctor, a naturopathic doctor studies biomedical sciences by taking anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry, pathology, and pharmacology courses. They also need to obtain a license by appearing and passing the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Exam.

Myth #4 – Naturopathic Treatment is all about dietary supplements!

Another misconception regarding naturopathic medicine is that it is all about dietary supplements. But the reality is different. Naturopathic treatments are included lot more than just administering the supplements. A naturopathic doctor needs to develop a comprehensive treatment plan based on the clinical history and lab results, which includes proper diet, healthy lifestyle changes, and environments and in some cases when and if required referrals to other doctors for surgeries and medications. Naturopathic doctors can even perform minor surgeries like stitching and cyst removals. So naturopathic treatment is much more than dietary supplements!

So go and search your naturopathic doctor in Bend, Oregon and get healed with a touch of nature!


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