Indian Classical Music Maestros

Top Indian Classical Music Maestros Who Left Indelible Mark The World Over!

Here we are going to talk about Indian Classical Music Maestros, with their ultimate work and the fame landed for their profession!
Princess Diana

England’s Rose: Princess Diana

A legend! Millions of people adore her. The world's most famous lady - Princess Diana, who became the people's Princess, was never...
Top Chefs in India

Top Chefs in India-Cook with Passion

Food is the harmony of taste & mood. In India, there is plenty of dishes and cuisine with different flavors and culture....
tips for playing music

10 Must-know tips for playing music at a wedding

Congratulations! Your hard work and musicianship have paid off, and a couple has asked you to play at their wedding. Whether you’re...
Top Tattoo Artists

10 Top Tattoo Artists from Around The World

Tattoos are a work of art. There is more than one reason as to why people get tattoos. Some wish to display...
indian sculpture artist

Indian Art Forms In Stone Carving And Sculpting

An insight into Indian Stone Carving and Sculptures Stone carving is an ancient action of determining rough natural stones...
Pooja Surve

Pooja Surve – A stubborn story

There are some who find success in different fields through their own perseverance. Their work inspires others. Here is an attempt to...
Jaani Biography

Jaani Biography – (Song Writer) Age, DOB, Height, Weight, Marital Status, and More

Jaani-The Music Composer, Song Writer, and Lyricist! The Jaani is the most famous Lyricist for Punjabi songs and worked in many popular...

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