business insurance

Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing Business Insurance

In Alberta, most businesses have many assets such as vehicles, office space and equipment, finished stock, raw material, and personnel that require protection against...
Right Tourist Health Insurance

The Checklist of Verifying the Right Tourist Health Insurance

Tourist health insurance has been the critical factor and requirement when it comes to planning a vacation to someplace. You must be...
Midwives Insurance

3 Benefits of Customizing Your Own Independent Midwives Insurance Policy

If you feel like your current Independent Midwives Insurance plan is not providing you with the protection you deserve, it’s probably because they aren’t.

Z Test Formula and Its Use

Z-Test definition – A statistical test that is used to determine if two population means are different when...
Dog Liability Insurance

What to Know About Therapy Dog Liability Insurance?

Dogs have been part of our lives for as long as we can remember. They remain one of the leading pets and...

Few Advantages of Availing Personal Finance

Life is full of uncertainties, and no matter how much you plan, at times sudden expenses will knock at your doorstep. Financial emergencies like...

How Insurance Helps You Cover Your Assets

A financial burden on a family due to certain misfortune is a very common scenario especially in terms of providing a secured...
Attorneys For Automobile Accidents

All You Need To Know About The Attorneys For Automobile Accidents

Have you been a victim of an automobile accident? Or someone you know has got injured, and it wasn’t even their fault? You think...
Loan Against Property to Start Your Business

LAP: Should You Go for Loan Against Property to Start Your Business?

Introduction Any business needs capital for expanding its business. A loan is the best and the most popular...

Can insurance protect my small business from damages caused by severe weather?

Severe weather in Canada refers to a weather condition that poses risks to life, property or requires the intervention of authorities. It...

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