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Coping With the Death of a Pet

Coping With the Death of a Pet

Saying goodbye to your beloved pet is very difficult and heartbreaking. Other people might not understand, but losing a pet is like losing a loved one. The sorrow, grief, and hollowness you feel after they passed away are real and normal. It’s totally OK and very important to mourn the loss of your pet. Give yourself some time to mourn the lost loved one. Here are a few ways to help you cope with the death of your pet. However, keep in mind that each person has their own way of coping. There’s no right or wrong answer.

The Grieving Process

Every person has their own grieving process. Some people feel sad, lost, and emotional. While others became angry and put blame on their veterinarian, family member, or anyone involved with the loss of their pet. Even caregivers feel grief when they lose a patient.

It’s common for pet owners to be in denial to protect themselves. Also, there are times when the pet owner feels happy and suddenly feels the loss of their beloved animals. This is totally normal. And if you’re one of them, don’t feel guilty and deny it.

How To Cope With The Loss Of A Pet

Although each person has their own grieving process, here are a few healthy ways to cope with the loss of your pets.

Don’t Let People Dictate How You Should Feel

Some people will not understand how you feel. Others will even say they’re just animals, not people. But never let other people dictate what you should feel. Let yourself feel the loss and grief your own way without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

Remember, they’re not the ones who lost a pet, it’s you. If you feel like crying, cry. But it’s also okay to smile and laugh. Don’t feel guilty. You’ll know when you’re ready.

Memorialize Your Pet

There are many ways to celebrate the life of your pet and remember them. You can plant a tree in their name, commission a custom pet portrait, or create a photo album of you and your pet. Remember all the happy and funny times you shared together. It might help you move forward, eventually.

Talk To Other People Who Lost Their Pets

Talking about the loss of a pet with other people who can relate to you or experienced the same loss helps you release some of your feelings. The problem with other people who haven’t experienced it before is they don’t understand how you feel. Some might even feel it’s too much and can’t relate.

That’s why talking to people with the same experiences is better. They understand what you’ve been going through and don’t have any prejudice. If no one in your family or friends can sympathize with you, don’t be scared to check pet loss hotlines or support groups. Knowing someone can understand what you’re feeling and sympathize can help release all the hidden emotions and grief you’re feeling right now.

Maintain A Routine

Create a new routine and stick to it. This is very important if you have other pets at home. Just like humans, animals also experience grief. You might notice some of your pets are less active and will go to the usual spot of the dead animal. Also, pets feel what you’re feeling. If you’re sad and grieving, your pets will feel it too.

It’s important to stick to their daily routine. If you have more time, you can increase the time you spend playing and exercising with your pets. This will greatly improve your mood and keep you active.

Seek Professional Help

If you feel like no one can understand or you can’t talk with anyone you know, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Especially if it hinders your everyday life and work. Call your doctor and ask for a reference. A mental health professional or psychiatrist might be able to diagnose your case and help you with your grieving.

When consulting with a professional, it’s important not to be ashamed and trust the process. Remember, what you’re feeling is valid.

Dealing With A Loss Pet

The main problem many pet owners who lost their beloved animals experience is the scrutiny from other people who can’t or won’t understand. Not all people appreciate or have pets. Making it difficult for them to relate to and understand what you’re feeling. If you encounter these types of people, don’t argue with them. Because at the end of the day, they still will not or even try to understand.

If you can’t find support and understanding from your family and friends, don’t hesitate to reach out to other people. Maybe you can find the support you need from strangers who are willing to understand and open up.

Remember, there’s no definite way to cope with the loss of a pet. All you can do is try different healthy methods, like commissioning a personalized pet portrait from Memorialize Art, and figure out what works for you. And if nothing works, don’t hesitate to consult a professional.


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