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Creating a Survival Kit for Trade Shows

Survival Kit for Trade Shows

Trade shows are rough. Even the most prepared marketing team will fall victim to some sort of shortcoming once they get to the event. You can have the most elaborate Trade Show Displays only to realize you’ve forgotten simple items like pens or pieces of paper or even something as major as your pop up displays. For the major items, you should have a list that is checked before you leave for your trade show. But what about the smaller items?

Depending on your business and your intended goals at the event, you will have different needs for your survival kit. However, there are some basic items to consider to get started in your plans. At many events, you always hope for the best but with a trade show, it’s better to be prepared for disaster.

Office Supplies

We’re in the digital age, but you’re still going to need writing supplies on hand for important information. Include the following on your list, just in case:

  •  Writing instruments such as pens, pencils, and markers.
  •  Folders, binder clips, and tape.
  •  Different sizes in plastic bags.
  •  Rubber bands, staples and a stapler, tacks, tape, glue, and pushpins.
  •  Whiteout.
  •  Business cards.
  •  Notebooks or pads, sticky notes, note cards, and other paper material.


Your list of what to bring likely already includes the electronics you need for your trade show displays, but there are some other considerations for your survival kit.

  •  Spare batteries and chargers for all devices (assume someone forgot one or that one will break).
  •  A hard copy of contacts lists, in case anything happens to the digital copy. This includes vendors, sales teams, and trade show coordinators.
  •  Power strips with surge protection even if the event coordinators promise they’ll have enough.
  •  WD40.
  •  Extra mice, keyboards, cables, cords, and adapters.
  •  Flash drives both blank and with essential information such as copies of graphics, brochures and any printed items in case there is a disaster with your current copies.

Cleaning Supplies

Whether you spill something during set up or everything goes well, you want your trade show booth to be as clean as possible during the entire event. The following products will help keep your display show floor ready:

  •  Stain remover, cleaning wipes, glass cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, and screen cleaner.
  •  Dustpan and brush for quick clean-ups.
  •  Small, portable vacuum, fully charged to avoid using a cord.
  •  Paper towels and lint-free cloths.

Personal Care

It won’t only be the items at your booth that will need to be freshened up. The events are long, so some simple items to keep yourself comfortable during the event include:

  •  Dry shampoo, hand cream, hand sanitizer, deodorant, and other hygiene items.
  •  Safety pins, lint remover, and a small sewing kit.
  •  Pain relievers and other medications, as needed.
  •  First aid kit.
  •  Tissues and lozenges.
  •  Gum and mints.
  •  Snacks that won’t go bad without refrigeration.

The survival kit should be personalized to your exhibit design and personal needs. Depending on which tabletop displays and other trade show display products you have at your booth, it’s a good idea to also pack repair supplies. Buying a simple toolbox should do the trick, but take a look at which items you’re bringing and how they would be fixed if need be. Duct tape is always a great addition to any repair kit.

If you’re still looking for custom printing trade show displays, check out TradeShowPlus today. Their team is experienced in creating eye-catching products that are personalized for each client.

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