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Simple Set Up with a Pop Up Display Frame

Pop Up Display Frame

If you are a person always on the go to many different trade shows, you need something that is easy to take with you and easy to set up for each show. You want to give the best presentation because you know that making a good impression is important at every show you attend, and that means having the right tools and supplies to get the job done and communicate your message effectively.

A Pop Up Display Frame is perfect for you if you are always traveling around and need something that sets up in little time. A simple setup can set you off on the right track because it allows you to focus on other things with your presentation or display. Here are just a few of the benefits you can experience from using a pop-up display.

Easy Assembly

Your biggest resource is time –– time to get prepared for the trade show, time to get your materials in order, time to prepare your presentation, and what you are going to say or demonstrate to visitors. You can save a lot of time on a setup by using a pop-up display.

Many displays can be set up individually in just a few minutes and allow you to put the attention back on the presentation instead of struggling or rushing to get your display set up properly.


Pop up displays are unique in the sense that they can be used over and over again, especially because the displays on them are interchangeable. This way you can change graphics to fit each event without much effort and still put the same equipment and frame to use.

This is great for someone who makes regular appearances at trade shows throughout the year or who has products or messaging that is seasonal. You can very easily change your messaging and not have to buy another whole set of equipment for each message you have.


Pop up display frames are very easy to transport. These displays fold easily and come with a carrying case for easy transportation. You can easily fit these in any vehicle.

One of the best benefits of display frames that collapse and fold are that they can just be used over and over. It makes this a great investment that you can constantly take everywhere and set it up quickly because you can easily get to more shows with the time and money you save.

Ready for Customization

Pop up displays can be easily customized to include many distinct parts of your brand from your logo to your company information and message. Every presentation you make may be different, so you may want to have different banners available to fit your audience appropriately.

As mentioned earlier, it can be very easy to change banners so you can change your message or the information you want to present.

At TradeShowPlus, you can find a wide selection of pop up display frames and banners to give you everything you need to make your next trade show appearance a success.

For over 17 years, TradeShowPlus has been serving the dedicated businesses and trade show presenters who need specific materials and the ability to create custom banners that fit their brand and message.

With everything from stands, signage and outdoor flags to pop up displays and customizable solutions, as well as printing capabilities to give you state of the art quality and customizations on all products, you can’t go wrong with TradeShowPlus.

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