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Data Classification Services with Categorization & Labeling


Data classification service is offered by Cogito to categorize and sort the raw data for machine learning and other needs. From collection to classification, Cogito guarantee the quality producing the high-grade of information for data scientist, machine learning engineers and AI developers to harness the power of data source and develop more germane and worthwhile real-life model or automated systems for diverse industries.

Cogito backed data classification is available for multifarious fields, encompassing AI or machine learning oriented projects like online search relevance, chatbot training, sentiment analysis, and visual search that take huge amount of organized data sets to feed into the computer memory through right algorithms for best results.

Why Data Classification with Cogito?

The future of data classification lies ahead with more detailed information making available for end-users at affordable pricing. Categorizing and labeling the data makes the crucial information accessible to experts seeking such data for reference.

Well-defined Data Categorization

Data Categorization is the leading task performed while classifying the data. Cogito has dexterous work force to arrange the data in right order. The techniques used at Cogito are acceptable for varied industries, that can be further customized as per the needs. Capable to sort huge and complex types of data for machine learning and AI.

Data Labeling Computer Vision

Machine learning and AI-oriented model development need a well-structured and labeled datasets to train the algorithm and get the right results. Cogito is pioneer in data labeling with annotation services that comprise image annotation, text annotation and video annotation to make the data recognizable for computer vision like images in visual search.

Labeled data carry a different identity to be easily recognizable or understandable for machines through computers. So, merely classification is not enough to get the training data for machine learning and AI. Cogito team can annotate the texts, videos or images using the varied techniques making data fit into the model and give the precise prediction.

Data classification for Visual search helps to put the images used in visual search training, can help machines recognize the similar items when used to search on ecommerce sites. Cogito provides the data classification with an edge ensuing the quality and privacy of information at each stage of processing till it delivered to the clients at low cost.

Cogito offers one-stop solution for structured-data required for ML and AI. It is working with experts having in-depth knowledge and unmatched expertize to classify, sort or organize different types of data with round-the-clock support. The cost and pricing matters if the amount of data is huge, but Cogito do the job economically optimizing the cost of entire project backed with low-coast availability of such information.


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