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Why Your Office Needs Interior Plant Design?

Interior Plant Design

Office spaces have historically been spartan and dull, but that trend is changing. More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of adding interior plant design to their workspaces. This trend not only makes offices look amazing, but it also has a positive impact on employees. If your office and employees are looking a little drab, it might be time to consider adding some plants to your space.

The most obvious benefit of having a planted space is how it changes your office’s look. For a long time, offices were designed to be unoffensive and neutral. With a typical color palette ranging from off white to grey, these spaces rarely feature any boldness in their design. By adding plants, you can breathe some life into an otherwise cold space. The containers you place your plants in can also help to add a little color to your office.

If your business is regularly visited by clients, this kind of atmosphere makes a great impression. When clients, potential clients, or applicants see a space alive with plants, they get a positive first impression. The value of this kind of impression is priceless, and it can make a big difference in how your business attracts clients and employees.

Not only do plants make spaces look better, but they also help your employees feel better. Plants help to filter the air in your office. While buildings have air filtration built into their HVAC systems, they cannot get everything. Off-gassed chemicals from man-made materials, dust, and bacteria are constantly circulating. When plants breathe, they naturally strip these harmful contaminants from the air.

Plants can also work miracles in terms of humidity. Dry office air is a major cause of office illness. When placed in a dry space, plants naturally respirate water vapor into the air. Once the room reaches a comfortable level of humidity, this effect ceases. In fact, plants can even remove some water from overly humid rooms. This means that with plants in your office, the air will remain far more humid, but not too humid.

As if the benefits of physical health weren’t enough, plants also help your employee’s mental health. While the mechanism for this phenomena isn’t as cut and dry as plants filtering the air, there is a noteworthy correlation between the presence of plants and employee productivity.

One possible explanation for this is that plants provide sound insulation. By soaking up white noise, plants make it easier for your employees to focus. Plants also just naturally make people feel comfortable, which can help reduce workplace stress and make it easier for your employees to get work done.

To create the perfect interior plant design for your space without needing your own green thumb, you can hire a plant design service. These services feature plant design experts who will assess your office and find the perfect plants to fit your space, light levels, and budget.

Once your plants are installed, these services also offer regular visits that include care and possible replacement of ailing plants. This makes it easy to reap all of the benefits of a planted space without the hassle of maintenance.

If your business is in the Philadelphia area and you’re considering hiring a plant service, check out Plantscapes USA. Not only will Plantscapes help your business create the perfect plant layout, but their service professions will replace any dead or dying plants free of charge.

Call them today for your free design consultation at 610-329-3935. Discover the advantages of office plants and transform your space today with Plantscapes USA.


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