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Don’t Go for Hair Transplant – Here is Why?

Hair Transplant

Having hair on your head is a matter of pride for some and some don’t feel confident if they don’t have hair on their head. Hair loss happens with both men and women, some start to see hair fall at old age whereas, there are some people who see hair fall from a very young age. But most common is Hair Transplant followed by men and women to get good looks.

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But there are now hundreds of options, remedies, and technologies which is available in the market and one of the most common is hair transplantation. There are now home-based hair transplant solutions as well. When we talk about hair regaining and strengthening home solutions, you must have heard of Illumiflow and Kiierr and there is a constant debate of Illumiflow vs Kiierr Read this article. These are low-key hair transplanting solutions that are said to be safe as compared to traditional hair transplant procedures.

Having a hair traditional hair transplant has many benefits but there are massive downsides of this technology.

  • Genetics and Inheritance: hair transplant clinics don’t understand that they cannot cure or treat a person’s baldness who has it from its inheritance and which has a family history of this issue (genetics). And what happens at the end of the treatment that you will keep visiting their clinic for a refund and they will come up with lame excuses.
  • Avoid Hair Transplant If You Ever Want to Shave Your Head: well, this usually does not happen but who knows what trends come along and you want to go bald. But if you have gotten a hair transplant and thinking to shave your head, that can be a bad idea because it will leave your scalp scarring.
  • Itching: no matter how much technology improves, what is not natural is not going to give you a natural look. After you have gotten your hair transplantation, your scalp will feel itchy for days and the worst part is that you cannot itch your head, as it is sensitive and itching will cause damage.
  • Too Much Expensive: hair transplantion has always been expensive and it will remain expensive forever. If a clinic offers cheap hair transplant services, avoid it as they can damage your scalp and current hair (if any) for good.
  • Silly Expectations: on the hair transplanting clinic, you will see their ads; there is a guy with a completely bald head and after the hair transplant, he gets amazing hair. You must know that it is just to attract customers because there are different procedures of hair transplant that work different for different people and sometimes, these procedures are not even guaranteed.

Age Limit:

It is something in the air or something else that now a days, even teenagers face hair loss. Researchers and dermatologists are working on why it is happening and since hair are asset, a being young means you cannot afford to go bald even in the 20s or the 30s. But hair transplant is definitely not made for small aged kids and even for teen aged children.

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