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Erectile Dysfunction from Anxiety

Erectile dysfunction from anxiety

Performance anxiety or general anxiety can cause erectile issues. Several studies have found a direct link between anxiety and erectile issues. The anxiety leads to stress and stress, in turn, causes erectile dysfunction in men at any age. The anxiety-related erectile dysfunction is often the prime factor in younger men who cannot perform according to the satisfaction of the partner.

Relative to other factors that are responsible for the erectile dysfunction, the anxiety issue is easy to cure. The easy way is to use Fildena 100 mg just before the intimate session with the partner. However, other ways are to deal with the basic feeling that led to the development of anxiety.

Anxiety leads to erectile dysfunction

When a young man is anxious about his performance, he invariably feels inadequate or lower self-confidence. It is basically a fear that he may not be able to satisfy his partner. This often happens when a youngster has a very low opinion of himself. The basic chemistry is between the mind and the erection process. Anxiety is basically negative thoughts about oneself, one sexual prowess and the ability to please a female partner.

The mind has to trigger the thought of intimacy that leads to the start of the process of erection. The mind sends a signal to the nerve system, which releases the nitrate oxide in the penis areas. This chemical in the body supports the enzyme, cGMP, which expands the blood vessels to let blood flow in the penis area. Any disturbance in the mind causes disruption in the process of erection.

Factors behind the anxiety

Factors behind the anxiety

There are some factors that are the cause of anxiety in younger men. The body shape, size of the sexual organ, or some ideas about the manliness can cause anxiety before the session with the partner. The once bad experience with the partner during intimacy also develops the anxiety. The feeling that erectile issues may also reappear also is the main cause of anxiety. It is often seen that one-time erectile problems often dominates the thinking in all subsequent intimate sessions.

In addition to the anxiety revolving around the sexual performance, the general anxieties in life professional life, stress, and mood swings also affect the performance level.

Symptoms of the anxiety

Symptoms of the anxiety

The first symptom of the performance anxiety is premature ejaculation, soft erection or lack of firm erection. When the erection is not firm, the man may try to complete the intimate session without any pause. The fear that any pause may lead to a soft erection causes premature ejaculation.

The foreplay is totally missing in couples with anxiety issues related to sexual performance. The fear is the mind affects the erection and lack of firm erection has a direct impact on the quality of the sexual activity.

Steps to come out of anxiety

Treatment of the anxiety is fairly simple compared to other causes of erectile dysfunction. Yes, a younger man can use Cialis 20 mg to get the longer impact period of 36 hours for sustaining the erection. The long period ensures that even if there is premature ejaculation, the man will get back the erection in a few minutes.

A potent treatment method is not to focus on past negative experiences. Consider any less than a satisfactory session with the partner as normal. Do not take any erectile issue as a permanent feature of your sexual life. Thinking on one such experience can lead to a high anxiety level, which often may result in future experiences.

Instead of keeping the focus on the one bad experience with the partner, think the cause that led to that bad experience. It may be a lack of sufficient time for foreplay, rushing into sexual activity and preoccupation of mind on some other matter.

While it takes some efforts to get rid of the anxiety in sexual issues, the easy way out is the use of Levitra, the powerful erectile dysfunction drug. Just a pill of Levitra 20 mg even with a lower dose is enough to help to get the maximum result from it. Even with some anxiety levels in mind, the pill will boost your sexual confidence. This will help you to have a satisfying session with the partner. In the case of premature ejaculation, you will again get a firm erection, which is enough to boost your sexual confidence. But at the same time, try to remove the baseless thoughts of anxiety from mind for a permanent solution to your erectile problem.


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