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Top 10 Most Beautiful Night Blooming Flowers

Top 10 Most Beautiful Night Blooming Flowers
Top 10 Most Beautiful Night Blooming Flowers


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Do you see anyone in this world who wouldn’t love to sit back and marvel at the beautiful flowers? Of course not, right? Beautiful night flowers are one of the beautiful gifts given by our Mother Nature. So, if you feel stressed out after a long day at work and want to unwind yourself, then you can do it by sitting amidst aromatic flowers.

Imagine, when you are sitting in your garden, which is full of elegant, bright flowers, surely you will feel pleased. This is the best way you can feel stress-free, especially after a stressful day. We bring you a list of night-blooming flowers that are certainly going to be your reason to come back home quickly after a busy day at work.

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Best beautiful night flowers


The most beautiful night fragrant flower is an orchid flower, native to tropical regions of South America. This flower grows best in fresh to warm conditions from summer to fall. Night fragrant orchid blooms have long, wide-spreading sepals and petals. The flowers are also known for spreading a strong fragrance at night.

Night Primrose

The primrose plant is cultivated for the edible or oil roots. This flower contains various essential fatty acids that are great for good health. This flower is native to the Americans. There are around 145 varieties of primroses in total. This flower is only open at night and closes up early in the morning. The evening primrose plant grows 2 to 5 feet in length. Its stem is stout and soft-hairy. This flower mostly blooms between July and August. The flowers are spread aroma vigorously during night time.

Chocolate Flower

This night-blooming plant is mainly found in the grasslands in the United States. This flower is also known as the chocolate-scented daisy, named after its pleasant chocolate-like fragrance. These flowers bloom in mid-spring to late summer, but only at night. When this flower blooms, it produces a rich cocoa smell until the morning. This flower is best to add positive vibes, and you can feel fresh by seeing this flower.

Moon Flowers

This flower bloom only at night. This flower is pure white, and produce fragrant around late afternoon and at night. The fragrance of this flower is charming and delights everyone. Moonflowers last the full night and die when the sunlight touches its petals. These are about four to six-inch fragrant flowers that grow up to 17 inches and are pollinated by night-flying insects.

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Day Lily

This flower sounds like an oxymoron, but some daylilies bloom only at night. These flowers include Moon Frolic and Toltec sundial. While Toltec Sundial is a fragrant yellow flower, and Moon Frolics are lavender colored flowers that are not fragrant but are quite pretty to look at.


Jasmine is a lovely flower and has the power to attract anyone’s eyes with its beauty. Green, white, night jasmine is considered the top of the best moonflower. This small, tubular flower blooms exclusively at night, adding its strong fragrance around.


This flower is a member of the cactus genus that is mostly found in Southern Arizona. This flower bloom only for a single day in a year, between June and July. The elegant smell of these flowers lasts till the morning. The next morning after blooming all night, this flower closes forever.

Brahma Kamal

The petals of this flower, bear an uncanny resemblance to the lotus flowers. This flower starts unfurling once the sun sets and is at its beautiful best at midnight. This flower blooms only once a year at night time and could be found in the mountains and in cold areas too.

Nottingham Catchfly

This flower is yellowish-white in color that is mainly found on rocky banks and hillside ridges. This plant is also known as the Eurasian catchfly in the U.S. This flower is first seen in Nottingham place in England, and for that reason, its name is Nottingham. The flowers remain closed during the morning and open late at night.

Each flower has five narrow yellowish-white petals with hairy leaves. The blooms produce elegant fragrances during the night, and that attracts insects. Nottingham catchfly flowers look more attractive during twilight. Every night, the plant opens in different stamens to increase pollination.

So, guys, these are some flowers that bloom at night and add aroma everywhere they are present. You can also surprise your special ones by sending flowers online to Mumbai and create some memorable moments.

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