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Evolution of Private Detective Services in India

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This is not very easy to achieve, because there are so much uncertainty and stress in our everyday life. We need to take some precautions to stay ahead and stay alert to those who are planning to create discrepancies and conflicts in our everyday lives and in the success of our hard work.

The term “private detective” has evolved a lot, if we consider our current scenario. Basically, their job is the same, which is “gathering information”. But, the way they work has changed a lot and has evolved in the true sense, as they are starting to do many kinds of work.

There used to be a time when most people knew private detective services only as some mysterious characters appearing in movies, TV shows, and books, however, private detective agencies have existed since the early 1800s. Many of us did not know that the first private detective agency was founded in Paris in 1833 by Eugène François Videos.

It is true that the idea of ​​dedicated spies does not immediately arise worldwide. It took some time for private spies to build a certain image and trust in the eyes of society, which is not a shocking fact because if someone among us starts acting like a police officer, to help people Trying to solve complex cases, even though he is not obliged to do so, but what would you think in such a case? You’ll wonder what he is doing out of all this. Will he really help people or is he just trying to fool people? Such questions can arise in anyone’s mind. To prove those allegations wrong, private detective services have proved their importance in our society during all these years and they are still doing so.

If we take a look at history, private investigators began their work to help those who were not prepared to let law enforcement officers go with their problems. Beginning his journey in this field, he has formulated many theories and methods for fingerprint identification and other methods related to forensic science of criminology, ballistics and other techniques.

Now, the image of private detectives has changed globally over time. This 2019 and most of us know about the existence and necessity of private spies and how they are serving our society. Nowadays, every private investigator is taking matters according to his specific expertise and knowledge. Some private investigation firms are only dealing in tracing, some are getting involved, only with marital investigations and some others are only related to corporate matters. In this way, each private detective is specializing in their own specialized field and helping people at the same time.

Private investigative services globally are expected to reach approximately $ 6.4 billion in 2021. If we look at India, the growth rate is already around 30% annually and it is expected to reach 1700 crores by 2020.

Now, people are relying more and more on these services than before. As we are living in a competitive era, there are many instances where our privacy is at stake and our confidential information is likely to be leaked and used as a dangerous weapon by others. It would not be wrong to say that the people of our society are becoming intelligent enough to know that if:

They are faced with any discrepancies while handling their corporate affairs, they need to consult a corporate investigator.

They are looking for a matrimonial alliance, they should check about the bride/groom through matrimonial investigation services, before taking any further things.

And so on.

The point is that nowadays people realize that there are different types of private investigators for different types of problems and sometimes, a single private investigative agency deals with all these types of problems. They feel that it is a wise decision to consult them.

The figure shown above shows only a few of the common services provided by private detectives if we see that the services provided by private detectives today are much more extended versions of those mentioned above and help people in need. There are many other services.

Personal Detective services also work with law enforcement officers in some cases.


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