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Ferrero Rocher Recipe for Homemade Chocolatiers🎁

Ferrero Rocher Recipe

Ferrero Rocher is the chocolate find the best for gifting to your loved ones & friends on all occasions. And, when we talk about homemade Ferrero Rocher then that will add your precious efforts to your give. As I’m also one of them who loves the chocolates like crazy and one of them is the Ferrero Rocher, and for that reason made me decide me to become chocolatiers.

Let’s start with the recipe of Ferrero Rocher chocolates which can make at home easily with little efforts.

Ingredients (For 12 Ferrero Rochers)

  • Wafer Shells – 24
  • Hazelnuts – 12pcs
  • Cashews – 2 tbsp
  • Nutella – 100g
  • Milk Chocolate Compound – 100g


Recipe of homemade ferrero rocher
  • First of all, take all 24 shells in a tray/plate. Now take a shell and fill with 3/4th of Nutella and put hazelnut with filling and now take another shell and again filled that with 3/4th of Nutella. Now put some Nutella at the edges of both shells and join them. Now repeat the process for all 24 shells.
  • After completing the first step, leave the shells for rest in the freezer for 25-30 minutes to get the shape of balls.
  • Now take chocolate compound (milk chocolate recommended), melt it with a double boiler or microwave method whatever is suitable for you. After melting the chocolate, give proper tempering to make it at room temperature & add the crushed cashews into it.
  • Once your ganache is ready, take out your shells from the freezer & give the proper dip to all shells in the chocolate. Make sure the cashews are covering the shells and keep on the plate. Now leave it in the fridge to set the chocolate and yippee… the Ferrero Rochers are ready.


ferrero rocher packing

Wrap the Ferrero in the golden wrappers and you can put the stickers of Ferrero Rocher but it is optional. And after wrapping all balls you can put in the same plastic box of Ferrero Rochers or you can also customize it as per your choice. And now your Ferrero Rocher pack is ready to gift your loved ones & friends.

About Author

I am Deepika, the dchocolatier. I love chocolates and I have turned my love into my profession. I am a professional chocolatier and confectioner who loves to innovate and experiment with chocolates. I like to project different emotions through my chocolates.

I can create multiple varieties of Chocolates like, Ferrero Rocher, Truffles, Diwali Crackers, SMS chocolates, chocolate stirrers, Oreo chocolates, fruit & nuts, tutti fruity & many yummier flavours.

If you want to experience the different types of Assorted Chocolates with unique flavors feel free to check my page out.  


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