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Get Your Stetson Hats at Jackson’s English & Western Store

Stetson Hats

Very few items are as iconic as a Stetson hat or bring to mind to the image of the American west with such vigor and vibrancy. Ever since John Stetson’s revolutionary Boss Of The Plains design, Stetson has been synonymous with the trailblazing, intrepid spirit of the frontier country and the wide expanses of the west. Simple felted wool, nearly waterproof, and protective of the wearer’s face and neck, the Boss Of The Plains set the standard for the cowboy’s need for simple, effective gear that could help bring the wilderness to heel. Even today, over 150 years later, the designs by Stetson still call to mind the spirit that engendered their original success. Simple, durable, yet commanding, Stetson hats are a favorite among those from all backgrounds in America. But though Stetson has expanded into every market for hats, the basic Cowboy hat design still defines the image of Stetson, and if you’re looking for Stetson Hats Southwest Michigan, your best bet is to find what you need at Jackson’s English & Western Store.

Headquartered in Wayland, Michigan and available at JacksonsWestern.com, Jackson’s English & Western Store is your choice outlet for all things Western, including Stetson hats southwest Michigan. There’s no replacement for the appeal of a Stetson Cowboy Hat, and when that’s what you’re after, find the look you want at Jackson’s English & Western Store. You’ll find straw and felt Stetson Cowboy Hats to bring out your inner western spirit and go with you in the pastures where the sun and rain affront. But a Stetson Cowboy Hat yields to none of these influences and will be your constant companion on the trail.

If you love the classic look of a Stetson Cowboy Hat, you could go with one as refined as Stetson’s Premier Collection 10x Fur Felt Cowboy Hat. Refined without the loss of the least modicum of functionality, this hat would be just as at home on the trail just as well as it would be atop a suit and tie. You’ll also find classic looks like the Stetson Buckshot 3x Felt Cowboy Hat, the Buffalo Collection Broken Bow, and the Open Road 6x Fur Felt Silverbelly Cowboy Hat.

For simple protection against the elements in style, go with Stetson’s 4x Felt Silver Sand Seneca Cowboy Hat or the 4x Revenger Black Buffalo Cowboy Hat, among other excellent choices. Don’t let the sophisticated and elegant appeal of these Cowboy hats deceive you – they will buck the elements with great effect.

If you need something a little simpler to give you the same look, a straw Stetson hat is just what you need. Stetson’s Alder Outdoor Western Style Straw Hat or Lake Placid Straw Cowboy hats are light, breathable and protective, bringing you the same look in a slightly different but equally authentic package. Make no mistake about it – when you choose a Stetson Cowboy Hat, you’ll be getting the winning spirit of 150 and more years of hatmaking design and success.

Of course, if you come to Jackson’s English & Western Store, you’ll have access to all of the other Western gear and tack you’ll probably need to complement your Stetson Hat. With one of the largest selections of cowboy boots and leather accessories in the area, Jackson’s English & Western Store is poised to set you up in true Western style. Not only that, but the staff at Jackson’s English & Western Store offer some of the best customer services you could hope for, even providing essential services like fitting and breaking in boots. Take a trip to their store in Wayland, Michigan or find their catalog online at JacksonsWestern.com today.

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