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Reasons to know: Why should we prefer Ayurvedic food?

Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Food

Don’t worry if you didn’t understand science much when you were in school because Ayurveda or life science is something that’s for everyone to understand. The steps are simple: you eat what suits your body and voila! We are halfway there. But not all things that are simple are so easy to follow. Many people who have grown tired of taking matters in their own hands can start by taking Ayurveda training in India. But if that’s too far for you, then simply start by knowing all the amazing reasons why Ayurveda should be made part of everyone’s life.

5 awesome reasons to know about Ayurvedic food that will ultimately change your life:

It’s easy to digest

Newsflash: not everything you eat is easily digested by the body. For instance, all the processed food that’s stored in the frozen section of any supermarket, like processed cheese, cannot find its way from beginning to end as easily. On the other hand, Ayurvedic food is sattvic. It’s pure in essence and can be digested easily by the body too. So go ahead and plan that trip where you take Ayurveda cooking courses in India and get to know more about the amazing digestive superpowers that Ayurvedic food contains.

It’s energizing

In Ayurveda, it’s highly recommended that anything that comes from the farm should land on the plate as soon as possible. It means that no food should be processed or kept for longer hours in the fridge to be consumed over the week. The reason is that it decreases the energy of the food and that’s not a great idea because we eat to feel energized. So pay attention when you feel lethargic after consuming food because it’s time to change your food habits.  Ayurveda Courses in Varkala is very helpful to make your body energetic.

It’s economical

Yep, that’s the best part about Ayurveda. One might think that all that organic shopping can be a little taxing on the budget. But if you cut down on all the junk and binge eating, you can actually save a lot of money while switching to Ayurvedic Diet. It’s basically about breakfast-lunch-dinner meals that sustain you throughout the day as they’re high on energy and keep you vitalized, unlike that pizza that tastes so good but ends up burning several holes in the pocket in a matter of seconds!

It brings you awareness of your body

We all have different body types—some have superhuman metabolism and some get hungry easily but find it hard to burn fat. Somehow, if our Vata, Pitta, and Kapha qualities aren’t balanced, it’s time to review the food that we’re eating. All five elements of the universe—earth, water, air, fire, and ether—also make up our bodies. And to bring all five elements together in perfect sync, Ayurvedic food is recommended. Ayurvedic food is for all body types as it tells you exactly what dosha to work on so that you can shift your food habits slightly. Not a bad way to bring Ayurveda to the table, right?

It reduces stress

If that’s not motivation enough to get you started with Ayurvedic food, then we don’t know what is. We all know that our busy lifestyles aren’t going anywhere. The least we can do is arrange the few important things that shape who we are. And the food is one of them. And Ayurvedic food is so energizing and easily digested that it provides all kinds of happy signals the brain. Our minds work better when we eat better food. So it’s time to fight the fight against stress, one Ayurvedic dish at a time.


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