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How Private Salons Can Build Client Loyalty with Exclusivity?

How Private Salons Can Build Client Loyalty with Exclusivity

Private salons are one of the most widely beloved staples of modern society. They’re a place you can go to experience luxury and comfort at a good price and socialize with both your friends and the staff. They’re a big reason for the beauty industry’s continued success worldwide.

However, big retailers are encroaching on the business of private salons more and more. It’s more important than ever for salons to counter this competition by playing to their strengths and building loyalty with clients. Here are a few ways you can do that if you’re a salon owner.

Build your product lines

Building your product lines, like private label hair products, for example, will go a long way to maintaining customer loyalty and gaining new repeat customers. The more products you sell, the more free marketing you’ll get because your logo and image will be spread everywhere. If you sell or gift these products to your customers, they may love them.

If they do, they’ll know your store is the only place they can get these products. This will encourage customers to stay loyal and enjoy your high-grade beauty products, and it’s well worth the investment.

Offer services suited to your clients

If you’re trying to maintain customer loyalty through all the competition, one of the best ways to achieve that is by making your clients feel special. If you invest extra money and time, you’ll make them feel like a VIP in their store, and they’ll keep coming back.

Once a customer has told you about their preferences, you can note everything they need and ensure it is available and ready at their next appointment. This can also include products customers prefer that aren’t widely available, like organic hair lotions or certain essential oils. Putting in this extra effort will show clients why sticking with your salon is worth it.

Start membership programs

Starting membership programs is a tried and tested way to maintain support from your most loyal customers. You can issue cards and begin to offer discounts to clients based on how much business they give you. Some places offer a card in which if you come in and pay for service 7 times, the 8th one is free.

You can also occasionally offer 20 to 30% discounts to holders of your membership cards. This is another incentive for customers who already like your salon to continue coming and enjoy more perks.

Prioritize repeat customers

As mentioned earlier, one of the tricks to retaining customers through increased competition and pressure is making them feel like VIPs. A great way to achieve this is by prioritizing them in small ways to ensure they always feel special.

You can give them priority booking for appointments, reserving the best and most convenient time slots for them. You can throw in an extra massage or treatment for free now and then as a surprise. You can have special arrangements for them on their birthday or other occasions, and you can invite them to be the first to try out a new product or line of service.

Host private events

Everyone wants to go to exclusive parties and events. Getting an invitation to such an event feels special and could make anyone feel like a celebrity. You can do the same for your clients by hosting an exclusive party at a retreat or in your salon.

Invite some of the local talents and beauty influencers, designers, and beauty product company representatives. You should invite only your most loyal clients and give them access to complimentary things like free massages or treatments and new products while the party’s still going on.


The service industry is difficult to be a part of, especially in the modern age. Big companies like Amazon make operating more difficult since their prices are unbeatable, and many consumers prefer cheaper and more convenient options.

However, the personal touch people get at salons is something these companies will never be able to emulate. Despite how cheap self-care at home may get, there will always be a demand for beauty salons. You can tap into this demand by building customer loyalty using this article’s advice.


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