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4 Tips for Maintaining Your Driveway and Ensuring Longevity

Tips for Maintaining Your Driveway and Ensuring Longevity

Homeowners use their driveways to park their vehicles and access their properties, making them one of the most used parts of a home’s outdoor area. Maintaining it ensures it lasts much longer and saves you money by extending the time between replacements. Consider the following tips for property driveway maintenance.

Prevent and Fill Cracks

Cracks start small and grow as the water that fills them expands and contracts. One of the best ways to prevent them is sealing your driveway. You should seal concrete annually and asphalt every few years to stop water penetration. Also consider removing trees near the driveway. Their roots can extend below the driveway and cause cracks as they grow.

If cracks appear, you should repair them as soon as possible. You can use a masonry chisel to remove all loose material, brush the area to remove the debris, and then apply a filler and patching material. If you do not have the tools or skills to do this, you can always hire a professional to do it.

Get it Repaired

Even when you maintain your driveway carefully, it is still subject to tear and wear. This tear and wear will lead to damage over the years to a point where regular property driveway maintenance does not make much of a difference to keeping it looking great and being safe for everyone who uses it.

In such situations, hire a professional to repair it. Professionals who install and repair driveways Birmingham have experience dealing with different driveway types and can ensure yours gets its functionality and appeal back.

Ensure No Water Stands on Your Driveway

Clear a 10-centimetre strip around the driveway. This strip functions as a run-off area for melted snow and water to reduce the possibility of water penetration. Additionally, you should ensure that all your downspouts direct water into the garden or away from the home and onto the driveway. Many homeowners think that since their driveway is sloped, it is OK to direct water to it. It is not.

Clear Your Driveway

Asphalt is a popular driveway material because it is cheap, easy to install, and lasts a long time. However, it uses oil by-products, which means oil and other products can cause it to break down. If you have an asphalt driveway, you should remove all radiator fluid, motor oil, or similar vehicle fluids as soon as possible.

Motor oil products will soften asphalt, making it weak and more susceptible to damage. The best way to remove fresh oil is by using cat litter, but you can use other absorbent materials like sawdust. Then wash it with a detergent and rinse it off. Do not use a wire brush on your driveway’s surface because it will scratch it and cause additional issues later.

A clean, well-maintained driveway lasts longer and keeps your home looking its best. It can also save you money in repair and replacement costs. It is easy to maintain it by following a few tips for property driveway maintenance. You should also check it regularly for damage so you can repair it and call a professional in case of extensive damage.


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